Downton Abbey: Sex on the Brain

uktv-downton-abbey-s05e02-12Previously on Downton Abbey: Carson, not Robert, was asked to head a committee to establish a war memorial, which made Robert pouty. Having Sarah Bunting attack the whole project on principle at dinner didn’t help. Violet, realizing that a marriage between Lord Merton and Isobel would put Isobel on an equal social footing with her, set out to wreck the relationship, while Mary, having nearly decided to marry Gil, accepts his offer of a ‘try before you buy’ sex weekend. Edith’s attempts to be part of her daughter’s life without being super obvious about it are failing pretty miserably, and in her frustration, she accidentally sets the house on fire. Belowstairs, Jimmy gets fired for sleeping with a guest/former employer and Daisy’s trying to learn maths.

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National Trust

Have you ever enjoyed a trip to a stately home, the Peak or Lake districts, or perhaps John Lennon’s birthplace? If so, join me in wishing the National Trust a happy birthday: it was founded on 12 January 1894 by Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter, and the Very Rev. Hardwicke Canon Rawnsley. Since its creation, the National Trust has preserved some of the nation’s loveliest … Continue reading National Trust