Downton Abbey: Before and After

Previously on Downton Abbey: We learned that war is hell, just in case you weren’t sure. Matthew came by with his new fiancée, who’s already being sneered at by Carson and Violet, even though she seems like a perfectly sweet girl. Bates got dragged off by his horrible wife, Vera, who’ll probably bleed him dry in no time. Both Sybil and Edith decided it was time to start being useful, and Thomas figured out a way to get sent home from the front.

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Pan Am: Rescue Me

Previously on Pan Am: Laura ran away from her wedding with her sister Kate’s help, then followed Kate into the exciting world of stewardessing. Collette had her little French heart fractured a bit, while pilot Dean had his broken into a million pieces when his girlfriend, Bridget, disappeared. Her disappearance is probably connected to the spying she was doing for the British government, which Kate will be taking over from now on.

Dean seems to have recovered rather well. He’s driving toward the airport in his nifty convertible, smiling happily as he takes in the sight of the Pan Am building. As luck would have it, he spots Colette stranded by the side of the road and offers to give her a lift, with a bit of cute banter between the two of them that reveals they’re both on their way to Paris. Colette agrees to bring him dinner and coffee during the flight, if he does something for her. You mean, something other than drive you to the airport so you don’t miss your flight and lose your job?

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Boardwalk Empire: Valentine’s Day

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: The Commodore and Co. hit Nucky hard by sending the Klan to attack one of Chalky’s warehouses. Because Chalky’s not the type to take that sort of thing lying down, he killed a Klansman and had to be placed under arrest for his own safety. While he was locked up, Jimmy and Two Face cleaned out the warehouse and sold the hooch on to Mickey Doyle. Van Alden and his wife had some quality time together before she went home to her prayers and he went home to his pregnant one night stand. The evening ended with Nucky being arrested for election fraud, forcing him to stand up Margaret and the kids at the movies.

Margaret comes down the stairs early in the morning to the sound of three ladies—her maid, her cook, and one other woman not in uniform—whispering together. They spring apart when she appears and she asks what’s up. The cook hands over the newspaper, which has a big headline on the front page about Nucky being arrested. Margaret holds it together to an almost creepy extent and asks about the weather and chats a bit out the kids, clearly freaking her staff out. The ununiformed woman—the nanny, apparently—hands Margaret a Valentine’s Day card from the kids, and the cook asks if a dinner party planned for that evening is still on. Apparently Margaret thinks it is, because she tells the maid to beat one of the carpets before the guests arrive.

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