Good Queen Bess

Happy coronation day, Elizabeth! That’s right: on January 15, 1559, Elizabeth I, last monarch of the House of Tudor, was crowned Queen of England in Westminster Abbey, following her accession on November 17, 1558. After a highly unstable childhood, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn somehow managed to weather the reign of her devoutly Catholic half-sister, Mary, who was a little too fond … Continue reading Good Queen Bess

Off You Go!

After a fairly disastrous reign, Mary, Queen of Scots abdicated her throne on July 24, 1567 in favor of her infant son, James. Like her son, Mary came to her throne young—she was only six days old when her father died. She was raised mostly in France, where she was engaged and later married to the dauphin, while her mother, the Frenchwoman Marie de Guise, … Continue reading Off You Go!

Bloody Mary

After a lifetime of being jerked around, abandoned, and emotionally abused, Mary I and her Issues were crowned Queen on October 1, 1553, following the failed nine-day-long monarchy of Jane Grey. Mary, the daughter of the much-loved Katherine of Aragon and much-married Henry VIII, came to the throne on a wave of popularity. After Jane Grey was deposed, Mary rode into London with 800 nobles … Continue reading Bloody Mary

Elizabeth I

Happy birthday, Queen Elizabeth! On September 7, 1533, the new queen, Anne Boleyn, gave birth to a baby girl who would unexpectedly grow up to be one of England’s most celebrated rulers. Despite being born to royalty, Elizabeth’s life wasn’t an easy one. Her mother was executed less than three years after her birth and her father had her declared illegitimate, neglecting her to such … Continue reading Elizabeth I