Downton Abbey: Before and After

William gets his orders, and he can’t wait to fight. The characters who’ve been to the front, meanwhile, can’t wait to get back. Thomas and his messed-up hand are back in Downton, working at the hospital and showing glimpses of actual humanity; Matthew’s touring the countryside on a recruitment drive, and the shell-shocked new valet’s finding an unexpected ally. Sybil’s hard at work at the hospital, and Edith finds joy in farm work. Continue reading

Downton Abbey: Leaving the Nest

Have you heard there’s a war on? Matthew escapes it just long enough to bring his fiancee to Downton for a visit, while William’s doing all he can to get to the front. Bates and Anna get to be happy for about ten minutes before Bates’s horrible wife shows up to blackmail him back into his loveless marriage, and Sybil decides it’s time for her to do her part for the war effort. Continue reading