Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding

freyweddingPreviously on Game of Thrones: Robb agreed to marry his uncle Edmure to a Frey daughter, so the whole family’s off to a wedding. Also going to the wedding is Arya, in the hands of the Hound, who plans to ransom her back to her family. Jon Snow’s still wandering around with the Wildlings, and Dany’s planning to take over Yunkai with her Fabio-lite partner, Daario.

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Lesson Learned: Just Let it Go!

Spencer Perceval is not one of Britain’s better known prime ministers. In fact, he’s really only notable for one reason: the poor man holds the dubious distinction of being the only British prime minister to have been assassinated. He was shot by John Belingham, a failed businessman who was found guilty of the crime and hanged on May 18, 1812. Bellingham, as you might imagine, … Continue reading Lesson Learned: Just Let it Go!

Trivia Thursday: The Queens’ Vault

This Week’s Question: Arbella Stuart, who was once considered a successor to Queen Elizabeth I, was buried in the vault of what other famous queen? Last Week’s Question: Who was the first heir to the British throne to tour North America? Answer: Edward, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. The charismatic eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert set off for a tour of Canada … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: The Queens’ Vault

The Borgias: Sad Goodbyes

Previously on The Borgias: Juan became too much of a screwup to live, so Cesare did everyone a favor and gutted him and threw him into the Tiber.

Deep in the bowels of the Castel Sant’Angelo, Savonarola’s being racked and screaming his head off. The torturers pause just long enough for Micheletto to urge him to sign a confession of heresy, and Savonarola agrees, so they let him sit up and hand him a pen. Instead, he spills the ink all over the document. Micheletto orders the torture to recommence. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

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Death of a Lion

After spending almost all of his adult life at war and then taking an arrow to the shoulder, King Richard I (the Lionhearted) died on April 6, 1199, leaving his brother John to take the throne and completely botch the job of being king. Richard was the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, so he wasn’t expected to become king. In fact, … Continue reading Death of a Lion