Death Comes to Pemberley: The Trial

lipsync-pemberley-1Previously on Death Comes to Pemberley: Wickham was brought before an inquest, which declared him a murderer, so now he gets a full-blown trial. He’s also apparently been a busy boy, having fathered a child with Louisa Bidwell under a fake name. Georgiana’s decided she’s being forced to marry Col Fitz, so Henry’s heart is broken and things are super tense between Lizzy and Darcy.

Wickham, less smug now, tries to settle in his jail cell, but it’s no good. He flashes back on time spent with Louisa, walking through the woods and probably carving that heart in the tree. He seems sad.

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Death Comes to Pemberley: The Plot Thickens

142630_600Previously on Death Comes to Pemberley: Lizzy and Darcy just wanted to hold their annual ball, but then Lydia showed up screaming her head off, Wickham was found with a dead body in the woods, and things got complicated really fast.

Darcy looks down at his sleeping son. The boy wakes and smiles up at his dad and Darcy smiles back, tucks him in, and heads out.

Lizzy washes her face and gets ready for the day, pausing to look at the letter fragments she fished out of the fire. She looks out the window and sees men poking around at the edge of the woods. A little later she goes to play with the kid and seems disappointed to hear that Darcy’s already been to see him and gone.

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Death Comes to Pemberley: The Crime

Death_Comes_to_Pemberley_review___does_Matthew_Rhys_fill_Colin_Firth_s_shoes_as_Mr_Darcy_Two young ladies wander around some very picturesque woods, looking for something. One of them’s nervous and decides to wait in a clearing while another, Joan, wanders off, still looking. After a few minutes, Joan comes running back, screaming her head off. As the girls flee, the camera travels a bit deeper into the woods, where there’s a grave marked ‘Darcy’.

At Pemberley, a cute moppet tears through the house, chased by his nurse, and finally attaches himself to his mother, Lizzy. The nurse apologises, Lizzy says it’s fine, kisses the kid, and sends him away so she can ask a man named Bidwell if the silver’s taken care of. Pemberley’s all in a tizzy getting ready for the annual ball, it seems. Mrs Reynolds, the housekeeper, walks through the ballroom with Lizzy, then accompanies her down to the kitchens so she can check out the food. While they’re examining half a dozen different types of biscuits, Joan and her friend from the woods come rushing in, babbling about seeing Mrs Riley’s ghost out in the woods. Lizzy is amused, but Reynolds yells at them for making a ruckus in front of Mrs Darcy. Lizzy asks who Mrs Riley is but all Reynolds will say is that it’s an old wives’ tale.

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