The White Queen: Brother Against Brother

34498Previously on The White Queen: Elizabeth cursed George, who subsequently lost his firstborn son. Richard married Anne Neville, Margaret married a Yorkist and became one of Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting, and Elizabeth lost both a son and her mother.

Elizabeth’s preggo again, no surprise there. And while she cradles her swelling belly, Edward entertains himself with an orgy, creepily watched by both his brothers. I can’t help but find it kind of hilarious that George is sitting there stroking a whippet like he’s Dr Evil or something. Stanley is on  hand to smilingly offer Edward wine and to join in the toast Edward offers to Elizabeth, who’s apparently in labour as we speak. And if you think that mentioning one’s pregnant wife would be a buzzkill to the ladies, well, you haven’t experienced a York orgy.

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Dressing The Borgias: The Men

borgias1-511Unlike the lucky ladies, the men of The Borgias tend to have a fairly set uniform, and you only really sit up and take notice when they change out of it. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some interesting things going on, costume-wise.

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The White Queen: Dumb and Dumber

Rebecca-Ferguson-in-THE-WHITE-QUEEN-600x400Previously on The White Queen: Horny King Edward really, really wanted to sleep with Elizabeth Woodville, but she wouldn’t give up the goods, so he married her, royally (sorry) pissing off his bitchy mother and the Earl of Warwick, aka The Kingmaker.

Look at that, Elizabeth’s pregnant now. No big surprise there, considering her entire marriage is based on sex. It’s now the 26 May 1465.

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The Borgias Recap: Family

Previously on The Borgias: Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander, caused some scandals, elevated his children, had some people killed, saw off a threat from France and from Cardinal della Rovere, and collected one awesome sidekick (or, rather, Cesare did).

We open on an altar boy surreptitiously adding something to the communion wine before mass. The priest—best known to us as Cardinal della Rovere—calls him out so they can get the mass started, and when they reach the communion part, he raises the chalice with the tainted wine in it and drinks. The kid watches apprehensively, but nothing happens. Not right away, anyway. He gets about halfway through communion before he starts to collapse. He forces himself along, but then the next man up to receive communion is Cesare. DR hits the floor.

DR’s in bed, being tended by nuns. Cesare comes in and shoos the ladies away. He reassures DR he’s not going to die, but his tongue’s going to be pretty swollen for a few days. It seems DR’s been hiding out at this little congregation, and Cesare wants him to know that they can find him anywhere. Message received, I think. He engages in some brief water torture and urges DR to work with them, not against them.

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