Downton Abbey: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

downton51Previously on Downton Abbey: Mary was seriously depressed about Matthew dying, but bounced back enough to start taking a more active role in the running of the estate and to start playing two suitors off of each other. The new lady’s maid has a secret that Thomas knows about, but she’s got an ally in Molesley, who’s now a footman. Tom made the acquaintance of a rather pushy and grating local schoolteacher, and a lord began flirting with Isobel. Edith consummated her relationship with Michael just before he departed for Germany to try and secure a divorce and promptly disappeared after a run-in with some brownshirts. Now pregnant (because the universe can’t stop crapping on her for even a second), Edith secretly gives birth, and then stashes the kid with a local farmer who kind of owes the Crawleys a favour.

Edith bikes off to the Drew home, which appears to be a converted church, and spies on her now toddler daughter happily helping Mrs Drew with the laundry.

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National Trust

Have you ever enjoyed a trip to a stately home, the Peak or Lake districts, or perhaps John Lennon’s birthplace? If so, join me in wishing the National Trust a happy birthday: it was founded on 12 January 1894 by Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter, and the Very Rev. Hardwicke Canon Rawnsley. Since its creation, the National Trust has preserved some of the nation’s loveliest … Continue reading National Trust