Dressing Downton: Series 5 Episode 5

downton-ep5_3077068bWe’re more than halfway through the series at this point, so things are finally beginning to come to a head. Charles Blake is proving to be a douchebag (though I get the feeling that wasn’t Fellowes’s intention), the thing between Cora and Bricker got out of hand, Rose is in love again, and Edith is getting screwed. Again.

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Dressing Downton: Series 5, Episode 2

DowntonEpisode2After last week’s excitement, it felt like not a lot happened this episode. It was more focused on setting up possible things to come (Cora and Bricker), making us hate Robert even as he was proven right in the most eye-rollingly ridiculous way imaginable, and some narrative wheel-spinning with Mary and Edith while Rose was totally wasted running around bleating about a wireless like a teenager begging daddy for the iPhone 6.

But the clothes were lovely, and the dowager seriously stepped it up.

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Dressing Downton, Season 5 Episode 1

JS46046547A fair bit happened in this episode: we got Farmer Drew going above and beyond to help keep Edith’s babydrama a secret, more chatter about Mary’s and Isobel’s love and sex lives than I cared to hear, Thomas acting super creepy, Sarah acting like a supreme asshole, Violet meddling, a predatory aristocrat, Baxter’s big secret, and a fire. Whew!

And, of course, lovely, lovely clothes.

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