Trivia Thursday: History Buff

This Week’s Question: The man known as ‘the father of English local history and bibliography’ died on this day in 1552. What was his name? Last Week’s Question: What piece of Coronation paraphernalia was stolen (and subsequently returned) in 1950? Answer:  The Stone of Scone was taken from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Eve or Day 1950 by four Scottish students: Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson, and … Continue reading Trivia Thursday: History Buff

Because Being King is Just Not Enough

When you have everything, you just want more, right? When you have a throne and an enormous empire, what more could you want? A fancier title, perhaps? Like…Emperor of India? On 12 December 1911, the recently crowned King George V and his wife, Mary, were formally proclaimed Emperor and Empress of India in Delhi during the Durbar—a grand ceremonial gathering that served as a demonstration … Continue reading Because Being King is Just Not Enough


Exactly 59 years ago today (just over a year after she inherited the throne), Queen Elizabeth II was crowned at Westminster Abbey. And so, this weekend, we in the UK are celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee. Happy 60th anniversary, your majesty! The coronation itself was a fairly groundbreaking event: it was the first coronation to be televised, and subsequently the number of television-owning households in … Continue reading Jubilee

At Last

On August 9, 1902, Edward VII was crowned King of the United Kingdom in Westminster Abbey. Finally. Poor Edward had a hellish wait for the throne. His mother, Queen Victoria, loved wallowing in misery so much she refused to die and wound up with the longest reign of any British monarch in history. Subsequently, her son, Edward, had the longest wait for the throne of … Continue reading At Last