New Worlds: Going Native

New WorldsPreviously on New Worlds: Beth decided it would be totes romantic to play at being an outlaw with her boyfriend. It was all fun and games until he tried to kill the king, bringing the wrath of the crown down on Angelica’s head. Angelica was executed and Beth sent to the colonies as a slave.

We begin with a violent storm at sea, which resolves in Beth being shipwrecked and washed up on the shores of Massachusetts. Conveniently, she appears to be the only survivor. She comes to on the beach and then just stands around, probably waiting for Abe or someone to appear and give her some direction. Eventually, however, it’s a Native man who shows up, walking towards her along the beach. She turns and flees to some higher, wooded ground nearby and evidently teleports up there, because we saw that the man wasn’t that far from her on the beach, and yet in her undoubtedly weakened state she’s able to get away from him and get to the top of a cliff without him managing to close the distance between them at all. And then not two seconds after she looks down at him walking along the beach, he appears right behind her on top of the cliff. Either this is a different guy, or this cliff is magical and these people can now apparate.

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The House of Burgesses

Hurrah for democracy! On July 30, 1619, the House of Burgesses met for the first time in Jamestown, Virginia. It was the first assembly of English colonists in North America and would eventually become the Virginia House of Delegates, the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly. The House of Burgesses was formed after the Virginia Company made some major changes to the colony. Namely, … Continue reading The House of Burgesses

For Glory, God, and Gold and the Virginia Company

On April 10, 1606, King James I granted a royal charter to the Virginia Company of London, granting the company permission to start colonizing Virginia and the areas surrounding it. It also explicitly granted permission to dig and mine for precious metals, and demanded that 1/5 of any gold or silver and 1/15 of any copper extracted would automatically be given to the crown. Company … Continue reading For Glory, God, and Gold and the Virginia Company

Jersey Pride

Since it’s my home state, I feel somewhat obligated to give this particular nod: on March 12, 1664 was officially declared an English colony, after being taken from the Dutch. In its earliest days, the area was settled by the Dutch and Swedish and duly called New Netherland and New Sweden. The Dutch concentrated their settlements in the north, and in 1661 Peter Stuyvesant granted … Continue reading Jersey Pride