Downton Abbey: The Scarlet Letter

Downton-Abbey-Christmas-special-2013Previously on Downton Abbey: Bates possibly literally threw his wife’s rapist under a bus, and the fandom rejoiced; Robert took a trip to America to support his brother-in-law, who was implicated in the Teapot Dome Scandal; Edith and Rosamond made plans to head to the continent for an extended stay so Edith could have her baby quietly and adopt it out; and Mary, Isobel, and Tom got some romances going. There’s also some weird and creepy unknown history between Thomas and the new maid, Baxter.

Downton. Hughes gets off the phone and tells Daisy the London housekeeper’s ill, so Hughes has to go down and run the townhouse. For some reason, they want Daisy to come down too. Ivy rather messily exposits that Edith went away to Geneva for 8 months, but she looks tired all the time. So, we’re about a year on from the last episode. Which is a bit odd, because Cora was talking about Rose being presented and doing the Season the year before, but she only gets presented and has her coming out in this episode.

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Call the Midwife: Refuge

Call the MidwifePreviously on Call the Midwife: Chummy had a baby, Jenny got a boyfriend, and the nuns found out they were going to have to leave Nonnatus House.

JVO talks about how important Christmas traditions are, as young Jenny cycles through the neighbourhood, greeting people by name and enjoying the holiday cheer. Fred’s selling mistletoe, and Noakes gives him a bit of a hard time over not having the proper license to do so, which nets him some mistletoe at a discount.

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Call the Midwife: Unto Us, a Child is Born

Courtesy BBC
Courtesy BBC

Previously on Call the Midwife: Midwives Jenny, Trixie, Cynthia, and Chummy joined the midwife-nuns at Nonnatus House. Babies were born, Chummy got married, Sister MJ sadly lost her marbles but kept her sunny disposition. Fred was annoying and useless.

Ok, I know I’m super late on this, but it’s not like I haven’t been busy. Anyway, I’m here now, so let’s see what this was all about.

It’s Christmas time, and a neighbourhood kid keeps watch outside an electronics store, until the TV in the window is turned on. He passes the word along a whole lot of other kids, who gather in a giant pack and descend on the store to stand outside and watch TV, along with a few adults and Sister MJ. Everyone laughs delightedly at the show—some three little pigs puppet show.

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Downton Abbey: ‘Ship Wreck

EMBARGOED_DOWNTON_ABBEY_CHRISTMAS_2012_126.JPGI’m not going to beat about the bush here: this sucked. This sucked so badly I actually found myself apologizing to my family for making them watch it. And just to be clear, I’m not saying that because of what happens at the end. I hated that for other reasons than you probably think.

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Oliver Twist Recap: Part II

Previously on Oliver Twist: Oliver wanted more, and when he didn’t get it, he hit the road to London, where he hooked up with a gang of child thieves, made friends with a prostitute, and wound up living with some nice rich people before being kidnapped by said prostitute’s crazy boyfriend so he could help boyfriend rob houses. And then he got shot.

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