Season 6 Episode 1 of Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife: Pain and Terror

A battered wife tries to free herself, only to find that the 60s weren’t too kind to women seeking a divorce. There’s change afoot at Nonnatus as Julienne is unceremoniously demoted in favour of the hard line Sister Ursula, Cynthia battles trauma, and Shelagh gets some very unexpected news. Continue reading Call the Midwife: Pain and Terror

Call the Midwife: Heartbreak

1364044632074Previously on Call the Midwife: Evangelina returned, and it turns out she had a pretty bad stroke while she was gone, so she decides not to handle newborns for the time being. In even more sobering news, two babies—Cottingham and Mullucks—were born with deformities. Mullucks’s mother seriously stepped up and is fiercely determined her daughter, Susan, will live as normal a life as possible, but Baby Cottingham was too severely damaged to survive for long.

Shelagh and Turner talk about how popular the Pill is and how much it sucks they can’t prescribe it for unmarried women. Yeah, god forbid unmarried women have any control over their reproduction or sexuality. Hussies. Good thing the government’s there to keep the ladies pure, right?

Tessie, a woman who practically has ‘pushy’ stamped on her forehead, stops for a chat with Violet and Fred, accompanied by her son, Mitchell. Mitchell’s just back from a failed stint in Australia. He seems like a nice guy and is doing ok, he’s got a job at the tool factory. His mother hustles him along to Tom’s house for ‘a consultation’, only to find Tom’s in the vestry. They find him in his undershirt trying to fix a heater. Tessie briskly explains hat they need to organise a wedding quickly, because Mitchell’s got a fiancée on the way, as well as a baby. Tom explains that it takes three weeks to read the banns, but Tessie’s in a hurry, because this young woman’s fairly far along, and she wants these two married as soon as the boat docks.

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