Call the Midwife: A Place of Safety

Call_the_Midwife_has_swapped_cosiness_for_serious_social_issues___and_is_all_the_better_for_itPreviously on Call the Midwife: Trixie apparently started developing alcoholism following her failed engagement to Tom, Fred proposed to Violet Gee, and Patsy and Delia dreamt of a life together.

Patsy and Trixie get ready for their day while JVO talks about how mirrors see everything: our hopes, our dreams, our disappointments.

Fred brings Violet to Nonnatus for an engagement celebration, she wondering if she was being too extravagant bringing cut flowers. He tells her to just relax. She admits she’s nervous and he reassures her that Nonnatus is just one big happy family.

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Call the Midwife: Family Matters

70281Previously on Call the Midwife: Evangelina returned from medical leave, Cynthia became a nun, and Bernadette started more actively nursing again.

A man brings his wife to the maternity home in a taxi. They’re welcomed by Evangelina, who dismisses the husband, gently reassuring him they have things in hand.

The woman, Mrs Dent, arrives on the ward and is settled. Trixie and Bernadette are on duty as well. Mrs D notices another woman, Marion, and recognizes her as an old school friend. Marion doesn’t recognize Mrs D at all, and when Mrs D reminds her of her name (Shirley), it becomes clear that Marion just doesn’t want to recognize her. Shirley is sweet and bubbly and doesn’t seem to notice Marion’s dismissive attitude.

Tim has a new hobby: photography. His dad marvels at his work, which he’s done with a crappy little camera he has.

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Call the Midwife: Frailty

Can_we_guess_what_s_going_to_happen_in_Call_the_Midwife_series_4_episode_5_Previously on Call the Midwife: Trixie and Tom broke up; Cynthia decided to become a nun.

It’s July, and super hot. Julienne coaches a woman through her birth while the woman’s husband prays with some other guy in the living room. She gives birth to a son. Her husband, Mr Prendergast, looks like he can’t quite believe it. It’s all very sweet, as always.

Doc Turner’s surgery is crowded. Bernadette brings him a cup of tea and the news that another doctor wants him to cover so the guy can go on holiday for two weeks. Turner agrees, even though he’s already taken on patients from yet another doctor. Bernadette doesn’t think this is such a good idea, since Turner’s being run ragged already, but it’s not really up to her.

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Call the Midwife: The Women’s Hour

6728756-low_res-Previously on Call the Midwife: Barbara and Nurse Crane arrived, and Trixie and Tom got engaged.

Women gather for the weekly clinic. One of them is played by Claudie Blakely, so we know she’ll be important. Inside, the midwives set up while Crane complains about Trixie’s lateness. It’s going to be a busy day, and Crane tells Bernadette to make sure to keep the line moving and the medical folk will take care of the rest. Bernadette gets her back up ever so slightly at the implication that she’s just a secretary, not one of the medical professionals, despite the fact that she was a midwife for a decade.

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