Indian Summers: Red Handed

Julie Walters in Indian SummersReady to watch some rich Brits sip cocktails and melt in the heat while millions of native people try to wrest control of their country back? Ok, let’s give Indian Summers a go.

It’s March 1932, and the British civil servants are heading to the summer capital, Simla, at the foot of the Himalayas because every other city turned into a horrible steaming pool that they just couldn’t handle.

A young Indian boy walks along the road, being pelted with things by other kids. Adults stand and stare at him as he passes. Nobody helps him. He walks and walks, stopping only when he sees the bizarre sight of a rocking horse being carried up high, over the leaves the of the plants along the road to Simla. The camera pulls back and we see that the rocking horse is part of a massive caravan of Indians walking to Simla.

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