Banished: Despair

David Dawson and Russell Tovey in Banished, Image BBCPreviously on Banished: Tommy beat the crap out of Buckley, which earned him a death sentence because striking a soldier is a huge no-no. Kitty had sex with Ross voluntarily, for reasons surpassing understanding, and Letters Molloy did Ross a solid, earning his gratitude and a favour.

The noose waits for its victim, so clearly James didn’t go hanging himself after the events of last episode.

In the jail, Tommy and Elizabeth wake up together and he tells her to always hold onto these few seconds of bliss first thing in the morning, those few seconds between waking and memory. Ok, that moment was actually rather sweet.

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Banished: Loyalty

8077109-low_res-banishedPreviously on Banished: Elizabeth slept with Buckley so she could get a message to James, and Buckley lost his temper after losing a game of cards and told Tommy all about it. Anne started helping Mrs J deal with her longstanding grief over the stillbirths of all of her children, Ross started making actual emotional inroads with Kitty, and Molloy lied to William about the nature of his Dear John letter.

Buckley hurries back to the soldiers’ tent and immediately starts loading his gun, telling Timmons that he’s afraid Tommy’s going to kill him for sleeping with Elizabeth. Timmons asks for an explanation, and when he gets it, he grabs Buckley’s gun and tells him that he deserves what he’s about to get. Damn, Timmons.

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Banished: Dead Man Walking

8237055-high-Previously on Banished: James’s attempt to escape into the bush ended quickly, but he was given a last-minute reprieve by the governor provided he serve as the camp’s new hangman.

Close up of a tarantula or some other enormous spider scurrying along, to remind us that everything in Australia is out to kill you before…

…we go into the men’s barracks, where the soldiers who have come to rouse everyone are surprised to see James. So are the other prisoners. Everyone stops to stare for a moment before getting their days started. One of the other convicts tells James that Tommy is out digging his grave right now. James goes to tell him it won’t be needed and another convict pretty much says, ‘won’t it?’

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Banished: The Hangman

3b470846-bcb7-406b-abdb-943f34f07d13-620x372Previously on Banished: Marston’s body was found by Kitty during an aborted suicide attempt, sending James running into the woods. Anne told Mrs J she could talk to the Johnsons’ dead children, and the rev warned her that kind of talk could lead to a good old-fashioned witch burning.

James runs through the woods, with Timmons and his men behind. They reach a certain point, however, where Timmons tells his men to hold up, because if they go any further they won’t make it back. They fire three shots into the air and turn back.

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Banished: Stand Your Ground

8235510-low_res-banishedPreviously on Banished: Major Ross helped himself to MacDonald’s girl, Kitty, and James, Tommy, and Elizabeth finally got rid of Marston.

Quick shot of Marston, floating just beneath the waves. In case you didn’t get it, HE WILL RETURN.

Some of the convicts are gathered on the beach for someone’s funeral. While Johnson reads the service, Mrs J gives Anne a quick side-eye. Tommy, James, and Lizzy, meanwhile, are more concerned with a boat full of soldiers that’s rowing back and forth along the shore, near where Marston was dumped. James is kind of starting to panic.

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Banished: Where the Bodies are Buried

p02l4xg2Previously on Banished: Marston the bullying blacksmith started stealing James’s food purely because he’s a dick and James stood up for a woman named Anne (who then totally sold James out), and Tommy and Elizabeth got married.

On the shore, James sharpens an oyster shell to a knife’s edge, then goes into the dormitory and holds it to the sleeping Marston’s throat, waking the man and warning him not to move. He tells Marston he’d sooner hang than starve and demands his food back, but before anything can happen, the bugle starts blowing to wake everyone up. He warns Marston that this’ll get easier the hungrier he gets. Yeah, but the weaker you get, the easier it’ll be for Marston to fight you off.

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Indian Summers: Something You Want to Tell Me?

aee6cd6f-9287-413b-807b-489fa880b38d-620x372Previously on Indian Summers: Ralph promoted Aafrin as a sort of thank you for taking that bullet. In return, Aafrin gave false testimony that the shooter called Ralph a white devil before pulling the trigger. He then stole the only hard evidence they had against the shooter, for some reason. Sarah started looking into Alice’s background, and Cynthia just got weird about Ian’s uncle’s heart attack, blaming the whole thing on Sood.

A filthy, ragged woman wearing the same bracelet Adam sports washes her face in a pool in the woods, then looks up at the trees.

Adam suddenly wakes from a nightmare.

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Banished: Tattletale

MyAnna-Buring-and-Adam-Na-008Let’s all take a moment to be thankful we’re not late-18th century convicts living in Australia.

It’s very early in the morning and a woman, Elizabeth (played by MyAnna Buring, who was so great as Susan in Ripper Street and so awful as Ethel in Downton Abbey), wakes screaming from a nightmare involving a noose. She’s in a men’s dormitory, and her lover tries to quiet her, but it’s too late. Her shouts bring soldiers running. She runs for it, pursued by one of them, and gets to the beach (which is also, unwisely, the graveyard by the look of things). She hides behind some grass but is found. The soldier rather aggressively tries to get her to have sex with him in exchange for him letting her go, but she refuses, so she’s tossed in a cell.

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Indian Summers: The Fair

maxresdefaultPreviously on Indian Summers: Aafrin took a bullet for Ralph, but before anyone could find out what the deal is with the shooter, he killed himself. Ralph started using the whole incident as a PR stunt, and also began schtupping Madeline. Aafrin’s sister started joining the growing independence movement, and Ian’s uncle turned out to be an indebted alcoholic.

Aafrin’s back at work, and summoned to a meeting with Ralph, who asks if he’s ever considered moving upwards in the civil service. Aafrin has, and he started studying for the exams but had to stop because of financial restraints. Something tells me that won’t be an issue now. Outside Ralph’s office, the male secretary packs up his stuff, while inside Ralph is offering the position of head clerk to Aafrin. Also, the costs associated with the civil service exam will be taken care of.

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Indian Summers: Foot, Meet Mouth

Indian SummersPreviously on Indian Summers: Alice fled her cheating husband to join her brother, Ralph, in India. Ralph, meanwhile, is being set up with heiress Madeline and toying with one of his clerks, Aafrin, who winds up taking a bullet for him. Aafrin’s sister is joining the nascent Indian independence movement, and Sarah, the creepy wife of a missionary who’s in love with a native woman, is desperately trying to become BFF’s with Alice.

I didn’t mention this last week, but cool opening credits. Thumbs up on that one.

Another lazy day in Simla. Natives, again, carry some heavy burden through the streets, destined for Ralph’s house.

A native man in a suit arrives at the viceregal offices.

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