Game of Thrones: The Climb

Game-of-Thrones-S3E6-03Previously on Game of Thrones: Robb decided he wanted to be friends with Walder Frey after all; Jon broke his vows…a few times, it seems; Jaime opened up to Brie; and Tywin sold out his own kids so he could outmaneuver the Tyrells.

Sam, Gillie, and the baby are gathered around a fire that Sam’s doing a poor job of tending. Gillie gives him some pointers and the flames leap up. She asks about his past, sounding rather impressed to learn he’s highborn, and he shows off an obsidian blade or spearhead he found up north. She asks him about the Wall and he tells her all about the nice venison stew and the fire kept burning in the hall every day and the men who sing. She asks him to sing something for her and he obliges, of course, singing a cute tune to the baby. Awww.

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Game of Thrones: A Name that Gives You Pride

cersei1-300x225Previously on Game of Thrones: Women all over Westros started putting their feet down, but none quite as much as Dany, who burned down Astapor and set off with her enormous new army.

New location: Yunkai.

Time for the Hound’s trial by combat. His captors pray to the Lord of Light first and parrot that ‘The night is dark and full of terrors’ line of Melisandre’s. Eyepatch begins by somehow lighting his sword on fire with his blood, by the look of it, which freaks out the Hound, who we already know fears fire like nothing else. That’s cheating, Eyepatch. Still, the Hound fights valiantly enough. Onlookers scatter as they slash and slice at each other. Hound’s shield catches on fire, and everyone starts to chant ‘Guilty! Guilty!’ Arya screams for Eyepatch to kill him, but Hound gets the last slash and takes off Eyepatch’s arm. One of the other men throws himself on Eyepatch and begs for the Lord of Light to bring him back. Arya grabs a knife and goes to finish the job herself, but she’s dragged back by one of the others. Hound unwisely taunts her, saying the gods clearly like him more than the butcher’s boy. Arya screams for him to burn in hell, and Eyepatch, suddenly very much alive and all healed up, says he will someday, but not today.

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