Boardwalk Empire Recap: Parent/Child

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Jimmy, for some reason, allowed himself to get peer pressured into putting out a hit on Nucky, which failed, of course, because they’re not going to kill off the show’s lead in the second season. Margaret tried to reconnect with her family, but she didn’t get a very warm welcome from her brother. She did, however, get a very warm welcome from Sleater back in AC. A tough-as-nails new prosecutor’s in town, delving into Nucky’s life, and when Nucky tries to get Van Alden to help him out with her (in return for paying off Lucy), Van Alden instead hands over his extensive files on Nucky.

Nucky’s going to have a rough day, you can tell. For starters, he’s stuck in an elevator with a whistling attendant who comments on a fight that hasn’t even happened yet. Ahh, dream sequence. Nucky gets off on a floor that’s resounding with the sound of a screaming baby. Every last member of the cast we’ve met so far is waiting for him at his office, and the baseball glove that was so important to him when he was a kid is sitting on a chair. At his desk sits a young boy, who holds up a hand to show a large wound that might be from a bullet or might be from a hot poker wielded by a terrible father. “Daddy eats first,” Nucky intones. In front of the desk, a stag struggles to get to its feet. The boy pulls out a shotgun and fires at it.

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Boardwalk Empire recap: Awkward Family Moments

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Nucky hating Senator Edge twisted the AG’s arm to force him to try Nucky for real. Nucky’s liquor deal with Philadelphia almost went south when Jimmy confronted the convoy out in the woods, but Lucky and Meyer talked him down and struck a deal of sorts to get into the heroin business. Margaret realized her heart belongs to Sleater, and Lucy gave birth to Van Alden’s daughter before receiving a visit from Mrs. Van Alden herself.

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Boardwalk Empire Recap: Confession

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Word of the Commodore’s incapacity started leaking out, leading Eli to try to cut and run back to his big brother (unsuccessfully) and Jimmy to assert himself with some of the Old Guard (gruesomely and successfully). Two Face almost decided to pack it all in, but some woodsmen and a dog convinced him to give living another try.

Ahh, Van Alden’s back! He’s sitting in his crappy little apartment, reading the Bible as Lucy calls out for him to pick up some lemons on the way home from work. How very wifey of her. He puts the Bible aside and prepares to leave. She’s about a zillion years pregnant and complains that she can’t get comfortable. He tells her that his deputy’s in the hospital with third degree burns and can’t get comfortable either. Geez, Van Alden, just acknowledge that she’s in one of the worst stages of pregnancy, will you?

Speaking of near-marital relationships: Nucky and Margaret are meeting with the priest and Margaret’s son, who’s preparing for his First Holy Communion. The priest is grilling him and quite literally putting the fear of God in the poor kid, as well as Margaret, who looks a little nervous when she finds out she’ll have to confess along with her son, to better prepare him.

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Boardwalk Empire: Violence Is the Answer

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: The Commodore suffered a stroke, which will probably put him out of commission forever and put Jimmy in charge. Jimmy started establishing relationships in Philadelphia at exactly the same time Nucky did, so we’ll see how that goes. Two Face bonded with Angela over art and his painful past, and two of Van Alden’s boys started to suspect he was up to no good. And then one of them got himself blown up by Sleater while attempting to inspect Mickey Doyle’s warehouse.

It’s summer in AC, by the look of things. Nucky’s addressing a group of soldiers on Memorial Day; Jimmy’s amongst those in the audience, along with Angela and his son. Eli’s there too, staring daggers at his brother. Nucky even pays tribute to the Commodore, whom he says is detained by other business, and he acknowledges Attorney General Dougherty, who’s also present. To finish up, Nucky calls Jimmy up to speak, apparently without having given him any warning that he was going to be presenting. Jimmy talks tough to Nucky when he gets to the podium, but once it’s just him, he starts to visibly shake. He manages to pull himself together and tells the crowd he’s no hero. All he did was fight for democracy, and for his mother, son, and wife, just as all the other vets did. He gets a god round of applause, to Nucky’s chagrin. After the applause, Jimmy reads out the names of men who, presumably, died in combat. I assume these are just the men from Atlantic County who died, since the list sounds fairly short.

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Boardwalk Empire: Don’t Cry For Me, Peggy Rowan

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Nucky realized his ship was leaking worse than the Lusitania, and that Eli and Jimmy were a part of it. Margaret, however, proved she was 110% on Nucky’s side, the lucky guy.

It’s morning in the poorer part of town, and Van Alden’s sitting down to breakfast. Lucy comes in dressed in a negligée and tells Van Alden the baby was kicking. That’s really just an opening for her to ask him to let her outside every once in a while, because she’s going seriously stir crazy. He’s not at all ok with that, because she’s his big bad secret. He takes a swig of coffee and gets ready to go to work. He tells her she’ll be free once her baby’s born. How nice of him. He reminds her to eat something before he heads out.

In a nicer part of the city, Nucky’s looking contemplatively out the window of his and Margaret’s house. Margaret joins him and tells him that she’s returned a few things to the Belle Femme, because she figured it would be a good idea to conserve resources. Nucky tells her that it’s more important than ever that they put on a good show and asks her to have the maid get her things back, because everything’s just fine. He goes to get dressed and Margaret picks up the mail, swallowing hard when she finds a letter from a detective agency.

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Boardwalk Empire: If Jesus Came to Atlantic City

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Well, quite a lot happened. The whole first season, in fact. You might just want to read the recaps, but in short: Nucky Thompson started moving illegal booze through Atlantic City, bringing in Chalky White to help him out and starting a relationship with the widowed Margaret Schroeder. Nucky’s protégé, Jimmy Darmody, was unhappy playing the role of second fiddle, so he joined forces with his father and Nucky’s mentor, the Commodore, and Nucky’s brother, Eli, for no doubt nefarious purposes. Jimmy’s also responsible for bringing sharpshooter/kickass sidekick Two Face to AC from Chicago. In Chicago, Al Capone has started his rise, and in New York, Arnold Rothstein and Lucky Luciano are running things and alternately doing business with/fighting with Nucky. Oh, and the obsessive Agent Van Alden went totally and utterly batshit crazy, drowned his partner, and knocked up Nucky’s ex. Got all that? Man, I’m tired already. Damn you, HBO, and your complex, layered stories!

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