Things You Won’t See in the States

The U.S. and the U.K. share a lot of things–a common language (mostly), part of a shared history, slang, music and entertainment, most large companies. But then there are moments where you see something you never saw stateside, and you realize you’re in a totally different place now. Things like: Someone unicycling up Inverleith Terrace in the morning (not that there probably aren’t people unicycling … Continue reading Things You Won’t See in the States

Birth of the Black Cab

The birth of an icon: on December 6, 1897, London became the first city in the world to host licensed taxicabs, thus setting the bar for taxis, just as they did for underground public transportation. Even if you’ve never been to London, you’ve probably heard of the black cabs and could identify them as easily as a double-decker bus or a red callbox. They’re almost … Continue reading Birth of the Black Cab