The Village: Closure

Bert MiddletonPreviously on The Village: Joe came home, seriously shell-shocked, which ended with him getting shot for desertion.

Old Bert watches video of the village’s World War I memorial being dismantled while he recalls the day and how the villagers insisted on being the ones to do it. Please tell me they reconstructed it. I mean, who the hell just takes down a war memorial like that? That seems so terribly wrong to me.

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The Village: Damages

Shell-shocked Joe MiddletonPreviously on The Village: Joe had a rough time of it at the Front, Caro got an icky new doctor, and John found God.

Old Bert fingers a marble, starts to talk about Joe getting ready to go back to the Front, and then drops the marble (he’s losing his marbles!) The music starts to get a bit concerned.

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The Village: A Question of Conscience

The Village episode 3-Joe waits to go back to warPreviously on The Village: Caroline’s pregnancy was revealed, and for some reason, everyone assumed that John was the father. Apparently he’s the only man in this village to have ever cheated on his wife. Yes, that’s right, the whole thing revealed John’s big guilty secret: a one-night-stand with his sister-in-law that ended in pregnancy, suicide, and tears. In other news, Prof Douchebag got rejected from the army for being too short, and Martha plumbed new depths of obnoxious, meddling busybodiness.

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The Village: Scenes from Rural Life

village_4839028It’s going to be interesting recapping this and Game of Thrones at the same time, because everything seems to indicate that they’re very, very different shows. Nearly polar opposites, in fact. GOT is huge in scope, swooping across the seven kingdoms, interweaving the stories of dozens of main characters scattered all over the place. The Village, by comparison (as the name indicates) is tiny, focusing on one tucked-away spot way out in the middle of nowhere, and the people who live there. This does not appear to be a plot-driven programme, and I’m expecting it to be fairly short on action. This is about people’s lives as they lived them. There is no tension and handwringing over an entail, little chance of a big battle scene, and the sex is distinctly untitillating. And that’s perfectly fine—I’m not saying that this is bad because of all that. Quite the contrary, it’s quite good in an almost voyeuristic sort of way—we’re just peeping in on some of the most personal moments of ordinary people’s everyday lives. But you have to approach it understanding that, or you’ll be bored to tears. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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Call the Midwife: The Broken Ones

Call the Midwife season 2, episode 4Previously on Call the Midwife: Chummy took off for Africa and was replaced by the seriously shy and awkward Jane. Jimmy got married, presumably leaving Jenny behind permanently.

Jenny cycles through the neighbourhood and receives some wolf whistles from a crew of older teen boys. JVO talks about how unintimidated she was by her surroundings after having been there for a year. It’s about time she acclimated. I will say, she hasn’t been as obnoxiously judgmental as she was last season. Fred and a man who’s such an absolute dead ringer for Hugh Dancy that I actually find it distracting are playing cards and talking about how Jenny’s teen admirers spend way too much time and money on Brylcreem. This guy is actually played by Jamie Thomas King, better known to us as Thomas Wyatt from The Tudors and possibly best known to the world at large as the guy who got his foot cut off by a lawnmower in Mad Men. Good to see him again! Fred asks his partner, Douglas, if his wife’s due soon and Doug says she is, and he’s sure that, after two girls, it’s going to be a boy. Fred asks if he wants to wager that and Doug agrees.

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The Paradise: Competition

Previously on The Paradise: Denise decided she was in love with Moray and quit her job. Moray responded by proposing to Katherine.

Kate’s getting ready to do a little shopping. Her dad, in a resigned tone, tells her to enjoy herself.

The owner of the shop next to Lovett’s watches Denise wait on some customers. Once they’re gone, he hisses at her and calls her over. Instead of ignoring his completely rude behavior, she obliges, greeting him as “Mr Chisholm.” He observes that business is brisk and sneeringly refers to her as ‘a girl’. He wonders what their secret is and Denise tells him they’re selling neckties, and he’s welcome to do the same if he wants. He sneers some more and informs her that he is a milliner, an artiste! And he will not lower himself to necktie making. What is it with these guys thinking that everything’s beneath them? Denise tells him they’re adapting to changing times and using the Paradise as a source of traffic and trade rather than blaming it for all their business ills. Lovett comes out and calls Denise back. It’s clear he’s no fan of Chisholm. I doubt anyone is.

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The Paradise: The Paradise Baby

Previously on The Paradise: Sam almost lost his job and Denise came up with a great marketing ploy.

Miss A is desperately trying to come up with ideas of her own, like scattering ugly bouquets of flowers around the place. Oh, Miss A, flowers were so last week. Denise delivers one to Sam’s department, jokes a bit with him and Pauline, and tells them she feels like she could do anything. She says that in about the most smug manner possible, too, and yet they are not offended.

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The Paradise: A Kiss is (Not) Just a Kiss

Previously on The Paradise: Denise arrived in the big city, got a job at The Paradise, and proved to be brilliant.

Late at night, The Paradise is empty, pretty, and orderly. Moray’s in his office, sketching his dead wife, but the sketch is starting to look suspiciously like Denise. He crumples it up and tosses it in the wastebasket.

The next morning, the salespeople rib each other as they get ready. Sam takes his teasing of Pauline a little far for Pauline’s taste, and she gets pouty. Out on the sales floor, Audrey and Moray discuss Moray’s latest attention getter—giving all the ladies who come in a pink corsage.

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Hunderby: Compromising Positions

Previously on Hunderby: Hester found out about her husband’s affair with Helene and told Helene she was dying, which prompted Helene to break up with Fogarty. Fogarty immediately fell into an alcoholic depression and Helene found out from her hunchbacked rapist that she’s pregnant.

Edmond gathers his staff in the kitchen to share the good news that Helene’s womb is not as “useless as an empty dungeon”. He orders up a massive feast to celebrate.

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