Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood

Benjen Stark in Game of ThronesPreviously on Game of Thrones: Because Bran’s a bit of an idiot, the Night King was able to find their hideaway and attack with his White Walker army, killing Hodor, who managed to hold the zombie hoard back just long enough for Bran and Meera to escape. Dany took over the Dothraki, Arya was given one more assignment for the Faceless Men, and Jaime and Cersei convinced the Tyrells that the only way forward was to bring an army into King’s Landing.

Meera staggers through the snow, dragging Bran, who’s still all warg-ed out. Jesus, Bran, WAKE UP! Not that he could do much, but this is starting to seem a bit indulgent. He’s having strange flashes of visions: the Night King turning that baby into a Walker, wildfire being set off, the mad king calling for everyone to be burned.

Meera can’t keep going, though she gives it a really good try. Bran finally returns to the here and now and tells Meera that they’ve been found. She weeps and apologises as the first of the Walkers descend.

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