Call the Midwife: Family Matters

70281Previously on Call the Midwife: Evangelina returned from medical leave, Cynthia became a nun, and Bernadette started more actively nursing again.

A man brings his wife to the maternity home in a taxi. They’re welcomed by Evangelina, who dismisses the husband, gently reassuring him they have things in hand.

The woman, Mrs Dent, arrives on the ward and is settled. Trixie and Bernadette are on duty as well. Mrs D notices another woman, Marion, and recognizes her as an old school friend. Marion doesn’t recognize Mrs D at all, and when Mrs D reminds her of her name (Shirley), it becomes clear that Marion just doesn’t want to recognize her. Shirley is sweet and bubbly and doesn’t seem to notice Marion’s dismissive attitude.

Tim has a new hobby: photography. His dad marvels at his work, which he’s done with a crappy little camera he has.

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Call the Midwife: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Can_we_guess_what_s_going_to_happen_in_Call_the_Midwife_series_4_episode_2_Previously on Call the Midwife: Trixie and Tom got engaged, Chummy took off to take care of the mother and baby home for a bit, and Sister Evangelina started having ‘women’s problems.’

Sister Julienne plants some bulbs while JVO natters on about how spring can be rather volatile, as seasons go. Unlike, uh, every other season, Jenny. It starts pouring rain and Julienne seems confused for a moment, casting about, until she finally thinks, oh, yeah, get inside! But inside, it’s not much better, because there’s a small waterfall coming through the upstairs ceiling. Man, you guys have a massive roof leak there!

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Call the Midwife: Bonding

webANXcallmidwife41Previously on Call the Midwife: Jenny departed to become a cancer nurse, and Cynthia departed to start nun training. Trixie revealed a depressing past that included a father who had a terrible nervous breakdown, and then she started dating Tom, better known as Curate Cutie.

Patsy attends a birth, stumbling into bed just as Trixie’s getting ready for the day. An emergency is called in and Trixie races out, not even stopping to finish putting on her eyeliner or take the curlers out of her hair. She gets a lift from the milkman and is dropped off near the docks, where some woman is just about to give birth in the back of a car. Trixie gamely climbs in and the woman apologetically says she was sick on the seat. Trixie brightly says it’s no big deal, takes off her cardigan, and conducts a quick exam. The baby’s well on its way and arrives just a few minutes later. It’s a girl. The mother cradles her and declares she’s going to be a blondie. ‘Blondes have more fun,’ she coos. ‘Isn’t that right, nurse?’ Trixie realizes she’s just put her knee right in the puddle of sick and responds with a slightly tight smile.

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Call the Midwife: Love is All Around Us

p02f1tcqPreviously on Call the Midwife: Patsy joined the team, (former sister) Bernadette and Doc Turner adopted a baby girl, and Jenny decided to leave midwifery and Poplar behind.

It’s our first episode in a post-Jenny world and we start off with…Jenny? Yes, we’ve still got the JVO, which seems increasingly odd, since now she’s commenting on situations and events she wasn’t even privy to. We begin in 2005 with older Jenny (we get to see her at last!) decorating for Christmas and worrying about a missing ornament. Her house is something of a photographic shrine to her days in Poplar—aside from one or two pictures of, presumably, grandkids, every framed photo is one of her as a midwife, her with the other midwives, or the nuns, which kind of makes it seem like she never made any friends at her later jobs. Kinda sad, that.

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Trick or Treats: Sugar-Free Spiced Pumpkin Breads

Since the Little Anglophile started solids a month ago, I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out new things in the kitchen. Making food for a baby has some special challenges: no whole nuts, no honey, very little salt and sugar. I stumbled upon a recipe for banana bread made without sugar, which he’s taken to like an adorable bald duck to water, and I thought surely I could find other baby-friendly bread recipes like it. How about pumpkin bread? It’s fall! Surely there must be one out there!

Ha, no. Every pumpkin bread recipe I came across either had sugar (quite a lot, in most cases) or honey. So much for that.

But I was undaunted. Nay, said I. The Little Anglophile shall not go without some pumpkin bread, thus discovering the very elixir of autumn. I myself would go forth, armed only with a sack of plain flour and a can of Libby’s and I would make this work.

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