Life in Squares: The Price of Love

Life-in-Squares-323242Pull on your bluestockings and open your marriage, it’s time to join the Bloomsbury Group!

‘Is it true what I hear, Thoby, that you’re running some sort of degenerate salon?’

‘To friendship: that rarest good deed in the naughtiest of worlds.’

We join the Stephens family while they’re clearly in mourning, and poor Vanessa’s being bored to death by some loser who can’t shut up about trout fishing. Later, her aunt, who clearly set up this awful date, scolds Vanessa for not being a bit more forthcoming, before turning to their brother, Thoby, and telling him that it’s not quite proper for his two sisters to be unchaperoned in the wake of their father’s death. Thoby reminds the woman that he’s totally respectable—a lawyer and everything—and everyone chimes in to say that Virginia’s unstable mind isn’t so wavering these days, so everything’s fine, just fine! Auntie gets in a jab at Vanessa for her painting before leaving.

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Today’s my birthday (yay!), and instead of doing my usual “this day in history”, I thought I’d pay tribute to some of the cool people born on November 15. Folks, you’ve all given me something to aspire to, and today, I salute you. Pope Nicholas V (1397-1455)—Encouraged culture in Italy and helped promote the early Renaissance through his patronage and building projects. With assistance from … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Us!