The Pallisers, Part II: The Honeymooners

Previously on The Pallisers: Meddling family members decided that Plantagenet and Glencora would be perfect for each other, even though their personalities are total opposites and they’re both in love with other people. At the end of the day, nagging and money win out, and the reluctant pair agrees to wed.

The wedding’s on at Westminster Abbey, and it looks to be a suitably grand occasion. Glencora’s escorted down the aisle by some man we’ve never seen before, looking like the proverbial lamb going to the slaughter. She’s followed by a troupe of bridesmaids in white, none of whom we’ve ever seen either. She joins Plantagenet and the service starts. Glencora’s all wild-eyed and looking like she wants nothing more than to turn and flee. I’m guessing it’s only the fact that she’s wearing about 50 pounds worth of dress that’s keeping her in place. The aunts look on proudly, pleased with their matchmaking.

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