Peaky Blinders: Let’s Make a Deal

Peaky BlindersPreviously on Peaky Blinders: Tommy accidentally got his hands on a whole lot of very important guns, and instead of getting rid of them, he stashed them, even though a hard-nosed Irish inspector and his undercover agent are hot on his trail.

Tommy drives his two brothers out to a gypsy camp in the countryside, where he’s warmly greeted by one of the men—Johnny, I think—while Arthur whines in the background about not getting to go to the fair. Presumably he means the horse fair, unless he’s five years old. Tommy ribs Johnny a bit for running with the Lee family (the gypsies), whom Tommy mostly holds in contempt for not serving in the war. Johnny sends Tommy to look at a really beautiful horse while Johnny goes to check out the family car. Arthur, aghast, asks if Tommy really plans to swap their car for a horse. No, no, of course not! Tommy and Johnny are going to flip for it! Makes sense, right? They both pull out coins and toss ‘em. Both are heads, so the men spit shake and Tommy hands over the keys. Arthur starts to throw a wobbler, but Tommy tells him to chill, because he won, but he promised Johnny a spin in the car if he lost. Three of the Lee men start chuckling, and Tommy decides to pick a fight. Johnny intervenes, warning him not to go starting a war, and really, Tommy has enough on his mind without bringing down some gypsy wrath. But then one of the Lees calls Tommy’s mother a whore, which is a ballsy thing to say to a man who has razor blades embedded in his hat. Sure enough, all the brothers’ hats come off and they go right for the eyes, just in case we weren’t clear on where the nickname came from. The Lees go down in a bloody mess and the Shelby boys get ready to head home.

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Peaky Blinders: Crazy Stupid

peaky-blinders_2We begin in what appears to be some city’s Chinatown. A man hurries a young woman with a wailing baby along, and when another, older man asks where she’s going, the first guy just says ‘They have asked for her.’ Second guy looks terrified. She hands the baby off to another woman, asking if she’s still able to feed a baby. Yikes, guess she’s not too hopeful of a good outcome here.

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