The Knick: Rock Bottom

Andre-Holland-and-Juliet-Rylance-in-The-Knick-Season-1-Episode-10Previously on The Knick: Lucy and Barrow stuck their necks out to get Thack the cocaine he needs just to function, Cornelia discovered that she was pregnant and Edwards couldn’t bring himself to perform an abortion on her, and Eleanor Gallinger went completely crazy.

It’s nighttime. Cornelia waits for an approaching carriage and is startled to find it driven by Cleary. If he’s surprised to see her he doesn’t show it. He tells her to get in the back of the ambulance. On the way, she asks where they’re going, but he will only reassure her that it’s safe and she won’t see anyone she knows there. He chuckles that he’s seen more of her type than she’d think. I can’t help but wonder how she found him in the first place.

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The Knick: The Bleak Midwinter

TheKnickEp9_01Previously on The Knick: A cocaine shortage sent Thack into serious withdrawal, Gallinger brought a replacement baby home to Eleanor (which went as well as you can expect), and Cornelia and Edwards continued their affair.

Thack is now so desperate he actually breaks into a pharmacy in the dead of night. A beat cop finds him there, just as he’s about to shoot up.

Barrow and Mr Robertson are summoned to the police station, which I’m sure delighted both of them. Barrow tries to play this off as a doctor going to desperate lengths to secure medicine for his patients. After all, Thack is white! White men don’t steal! Unless they work on Wall Street! The captain’s like, ‘yeah, we practically found the guy with a needle in his foot, so we’re pretty sure we know what we’re dealing with.’ Robertson pays the captain off to make the charges go away.

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The Knick: A Storm’s a-Brewing

THE-KNICK-108_612x380Previously on The Knick: A mob tore up the hospital during a race riot, and Thack and Lucy and Cornelia and Edwards started hooking up.

Thack and Lucy are engaging in a little foreplay, which for them includes Lucy asking him to shoot her up. Because nothing gets one in the mood like a little coke. Afterwards, she talks about how her father preaches on the weekends and tells everyone how evil they are 24/7. Thack observes that that must have been fun to grow up with. His own father was a mean, violent drunk who was as devout as they come. It’s kind of turned Thack off religion. And he doesn’t think that sex and pleasure are sinful. He also thinks God’s kind of a jerk for letting kids get sick and decent people starve. She doesn’t seem too at ease with him badmouthing God.

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The Knick: Taking a Level in Badass

the-knick-season-1-episode-7Previously on The Knick: Thack found the Clandestine Clinic and was not pleased, but he came around somewhat when Edwards proposed sharing credit for his new hernia procedure. Gallinger’s baby died, Bertie worked with Thack to fix the placenta previa problem, a policeman started procuring for Barrow’s favourite brothel, and Cornelia’s future father-in-law is creepy as all hell.

A man walks down the stairs of the surgery gallery, crosses the surgical floor, and joins Thack and Christiansen in the prep room. He’s a friend of Christiansen’s from Baltimore, Dr William Halstead. Christiansen introduces Thack, who’s a big fan of Halstead’s. Halstead is fairly modest. Christiansen heaps praise on Thack and promises Halstead he’ll be getting a good show that day. Halstead’s looking forward to it. Thack’s worried about the surgery, concerned it could fail, but Christiansen’s confident. He and Thack go to a room next door to shoot up and Thack wonders what Halstead would think of this.

Christiansen: Who do you think passed this along to me?

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The Knick: Peekaboo, I See You

Image courtesy Cinemax/Anonymous ContentPreviously on The Knick: Edwards found a new way to treat hernias in the Clandestine Clinic while Thack struggled to keep placenta previa patients from bleeding out and Bertie struggled to gain his father’s approval. Cornelia and Speight were hot on the trail of the person spreading typhoid throughout the city, and Gallinger’s daughter Lillian came down with meningitis.

It’s very, very early in the morning and the phone rings at Bertie’s place. It’s answered by his dad, who is about as pleased as any dad is to be roused from sleep by a phone call for his kid. He fetches Bertie and, after a quick chat, Bertie hangs up and tells his father he’s needed by Thack at the hospital for an experiment. Of course, his dad berates him for that.

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The Knick: The Silver Lining

Image courtesy Cinemax/Anonymous ContentPreviously on The Knick: Edwards opened a secret clinic in the basement so he could treat the city’s non-white patients and actually get to practice some medicine for a change. Barrow was in deep with a nasty lot led by Bunky, and Cornelia was helping Speight investigate the sudden typhoid outbreak amongst the city’s upper crust.

Bunky’s men bring one of his thugs into a place that makes the Clandestine Clinic look like the Mayo. The totally incompetent doctor checks the guy out and initially says he should just get some rest and he’ll be fine, but Bunky points out that the guy’s leg is all messed up, on account of the bullet in it. The doctor takes a cursory look and gets ready to just saw the limb off. Bunky, who originally pooh pooed the idea of taking the man to the Knick because he didn’t want to be indebted to Barrow (he prefers it the other way around) finally decides that seeing a real doctor would be a good idea.

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The Knick: Where’s the Dignity?

Image courtesy Cinemax/Anonymous ContentPreviously on The Knick: Thack was regularly stealing away to Chinatown to spend his off hours in an opium-induced haze; Edwards was facing endless racism at work, so it’s just as well he’s apparently kind of a badass; Cleary discovered Harriet’s side business giving abortions to desperate poor women; and Barrow started stealing and selling bodies from the hospital.

Cleary’s evening playing darts at his local is interrupted by some kid, who calls Cleary out to the street. Cleary gives the kid some instructions (we can’t hear what they’re talking about) and then makes his way to the basement of some building nearby, having acquired a sack along the way. The basement is filled with men cheering and placing bets while one guy walks around a ring in the centre. I figured this was some sort of underground cock fighting or boxing thing, but no, this is a bloodsport with a particular New York twist: The guy’s going up against Cleary’s sack full of NYC rats. He starts stomping and kicking them to death, gorily, but then slips in the blood and the rats start chomping on him.

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Boardwalk Empire: If You Give a Nucky a Nickel, He’s Gonna Want a Dime

1000px-EldoradoPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Young Nucky’s mentor, Sheriff Lindsay, decided he’d had enough of pimping out children to the Commodore and left it up to Nucky to continue his awful, awful work. Nucky and Margaret started shorting Mayflower Grain Corp’s stock, Lucky and Meyer got to work creating a crime family consortium, Eli’s wandering around rather aimlessly, and Capone’s about to get nailed on tax evasion charges.

No opening credits this week, just a shot of a pile of clothes (looks like someone watched Mad Men) and then we see Nucky walking naked into the ocean. He starts to swim, further and further out, so far that I start to wonder if he’s just going to drown and the entire episode will just be a black screen or tying up everyone else’s loose ends or something.

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The Knick: Seeing the Light

Image courtesy Cinemax/Anonymous ContentPreviously on The Knick: Edwards dealt with being marginalized at the hospital by opening a secret clinic for black patients in the basement. Baxter’s in deep with some very bad people and paid for it with a tooth, Sister Harriet’s performing abortions for poor women, and wealthy uptowners are coming down with typhoid.

A woman arrives at the hospital and asks the nurse at the front desk where she can find Thack. We don’t see her face, but when the nurse does, what she sees makes her pause briefly, so we know it must be bad.

Lucy is the lucky one who gets to interrupt Thack in whatever research he’s working on to tell him he has a patient calling herself his friend.

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Boardwalk Empire: Let’s Make a Deal

cdn.indiewire.comPreviously on Boardwalk Empire: Meyer and Lucky made moves against Nucky and Maranzano, prompting Nucky to go ahead and declare war. Eli managed to get out of the whole Capone situation alive (unlike Van Alden), which could make things super awkward for his eldest son, who’s now working in the US attorney’s office.

Will Thompson’s boss gets on the radio to talk about the crime wave engulfing New York and New Jersey, as we’re treated to vintage photos and headlines of said massacres. We also see how jumpy Lucky and Meyer are (with good reason). Every time a door opens they clearly start. But their time has not come. Yet. Nucky is still hitting the booze hard. He reluctantly puts down a bottle of Bacardi to go meet with a strangely chill Maranzano.

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