New Worlds: All’s Well That Ends Well (for Beth)

New WorldsPreviously on New Worlds: Beth was adopted into a Native tribe that was living on land Ned’s dad and Hope’s husband, Cresswell, wanted to settle. Cresswell got Beth’s boyfriend/husband to sign over the land and then wiped out his tribe with some poxed blankets, leaving Beth pregnant and out for revenge. She got it, delivering an arrow straight to Cresswell’s throat right in front of an astonished Ned.

Hope is wakened in the dead of night by someone hammering on the door. She wakes and opens it to find Ned, with Beth, asking for help and announcing Cresswell’s death all at once.

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Celebrate Hyperbole!

On March 5, 1770, the hyperbolically named Boston Massacre took place when British soldiers fired on a mob that had gathered to, essentially, talk smack to one of the soldiers stationed outside the Custom House. Five people died, and eleven were injured. To be fair, the colonists should take the lion’s share of the blame for what happened. It all started when a wigmaker’s apprentice … Continue reading Celebrate Hyperbole!