Upstairs Downstairs Recap: The Cracks Start to Show

Previously on Upstairs Downstairs: Persie had an illegal abortion and Hallam held her hand through it. Agnes met and charmed a rather charming American businessman named Landry.

Jaunty music plays as nearly identically dressed ladies sit in an office typing up letters requiring young men to present themselves for training. At 165, everyone’s wishing Johnny a happy birthday as he opens his own letter. Pritchard soberly realizes what this means but the other servants are idiots and think it’s all a big laugh. Guys, he’s being called up for military training. And things aren’t looking too good on the Continent. Don’t any of you read newspapers around this house? I know you’re all doing the jobs of eight servants (except for Thack, who seems to have plenty of time to make macaroons for that family we never saw or heard from again), but you live with a government minister who’s clearly very disturbed by what’s happening. Can you not read the mood?

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