Boardwalk Empire: Shootout

boardwalk-empire-chalky-4-10Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Masseria started trafficking heroin to New York via Tampa, Chalky went fully on the warpath against Narcisse, Knox put the squeeze on Eli, and Margaret’s boss scammed Rothstein.

Cream swirls artistically into a cup of coffee, poured by Eli, who’s in a diner giving Knox some intel on one of Torrio’s guys, Balanchek, I think. He reassures Knox that this guy is Torrio’s right hand.  Knox reassures Eli that what he’s doing takes courage, and that he’s a good dad. Eli looks like he wants to hang himself.

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Boardwalk Empire: Strung Out

boardwalk-empire-season-4-episode-5-stephen-graham-600x399Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Eli’s son accidentally killed a classmate, Narcisse got Dunn in on the heroin racket, Knox arrested Eddie, and the Capones recruited Van Alden.

Nucky gets a phone call from a seriously freaked-out Willie, begging for help. The camera lingers on a pair of birds hopping around a cage and then moves on to other items around Eddie’s living quarters: his books, sheet music by Schubert, a picture of his two sons, as Nucky calls for him. But Eddie hasn’t been home, and New Eddie says he hasn’t seen him. Nucky calls for the car.

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Boardwalk Empire: All In

boardwalk13_36Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Van Alden made contact with the Capones, Nucky promoted Eddie to the position of full-on sidekick, and Nucky got involved in a land deal in Tampa.

In Chicago, a fat guy hauls himself slowly and sweatily up some stairs to make a collection. He makes it to the top, gets his money, then seems to have a heart attack and tumbles back down the stairs. Not a good day for this guy.

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