Places to Eat: eteaket Cafe and Tea Boutique

I spent part of my 4th of July holiday meandering through the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, taking in the sight of many a Stuart monarch and aristocrat. It was lovely (I highly recommend you visit–it’s free!) but walking around a climate- and moisture-controlled environment for a while can be hard on the feet and leaves you with quite a thirst. I emerged almost precisely at … Continue reading Places to Eat: eteaket Cafe and Tea Boutique

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea, that ubiquitous British ritual, was invented by Anna, Duchess of Bedford, in the early 19th century. Tea had long been established as a fashionable drink for the British upper classes (its popularity began when Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II, brought it over with her from Portugal, where it was a popular beverage at the Portuguese court), but it was customarily drunk … Continue reading Afternoon Tea