Boardwalk Empire: New Year

Boardwalk Empire: last season was a slow burn (as usual) with a shocker of an ending. We lost Jimmy but gained Sleater, lost Angela (not too sad about that) but got an über creepy Gillian. Nucky and Margaret got married, Lucy thankfully disappeared, and Van Alden went on the run. Lots of potentially interesting plotlines floating about, so let’s see what happens.

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Downton Abbey: A Family Affair

Downton-Courtesy Tom and LorenzoHere we go—series three! And even though series two was a sad, sad disappointment, my heart still soars when I hear that theme music. Downton, don’t let me down.

It’s spring 1920 and Mary and Matthew are rehearsing their wedding at the local church. There’s some talk of Sybil, who apparently can’t come over because she and Branson can’t afford it. Mary asks her dad if they can do anything to get her to the wedding, and you’d really think that, considering this is a request coming from the bride herself Robert might actually give it some consideration, but no, he’s a dick now, and he’s totally unwilling to help his youngest attend her own sister’s wedding because Branson is “still an object of curiosity in the neighborhood.” He wants to wait until they can properly prep the servants for his arrival. Jerk. And Robert, no amount of prepping is going to make that go easier for the likes of O’Brien, so don’t even try. Lame excuse, really. Isobel, awesomely, hisses to her son that Robert’s making a problem where none exists and that everyone just needs to get used to this situation. Please, please let her improve over last season. My hopes are high.

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Boardwalk Empire: Disturbia

Previously on Boardwalk Empire: Nucky got both Margaret and new badass Sleater on his side, which should bode well for him. Margaret found her family in Brooklyn, but discovered they still consider her dead to them. Lucy started to lose it, being stuck inside day after day, but just when she’d reached the end of her rope, Van Alden unexpectedly showed his softer side.

Old timey music plays as the camera pans over what I think is a storehouse/distillery. It’s packed with crates, Jimmy notes, navigating his way through accompanied by Mickey Doyle. Mickey asks what the beef is between Jimmy and Nucky and Jimmy tells him to mind his own business. He tells Mickey to find more space, because soon they’re going to be the biggest distributers in the northeast.

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Beautiful and Damned

It’s a good day to curl up with one of the novels of today’s birthday boy, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was born on September 24,1896 and penned some of the most famous Jazz Age novels (he also coined the term “Jazz Age”) before dying at the age of 44. Fitzgerald was named after his famous second cousin three times removed, Francis Scott Key, and was … Continue reading Beautiful and Damned

Oh Canada

Are women people? Believe it or not, this very question was posed as late as the 1920’s (specifically, August 27, 1927) when five Canadian women asked the Supreme Court of Canada to decide whether “the word ‘Persons’ in Section 24 of the British North America Act, 1867, include female persons?” That particular Act is a major part of Canada’s constitution and defines most of the … Continue reading Oh Canada