Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in Victoria


Long Live the Queen
Victoria ascends the throne and almost immediately starts screwing up

Victoria’s crash-course in how to rule continues to be more crash, as she meddles in politics so Lord M can keep his job

Brocket Hall
It’s time for Victoria to get married! Everyone has a suitor to put forward, but of course, she has her own ideas.

The Clockwork Prince
Time for Albert to appear on the scene, and when he does…he and Victoria don’t get on. But then they do! Because: history!

An Ordinary Woman
Victoria and Albert are engaged, which means wrangling over his income. Riveting stuff. Also, everyone keeps running around telling her that all men have mistresses, because apparently everyone on this show is stupid.

The Queen’s Husband
Albert is desperate for an actual role besides ‘royal stallion’, so he finds himself a cause

The Engine of Change
The royal pair are expecting their first child and steaming straight into the future


Series 2

A Soldier’s Daughter
Victoria wants to get back to the business of ruling, but the boys’ club wants her to stay in the nursery and let them deal with all the real work

The Green-Eyed Monster
In an extremely clunky episode, Victoria gets jealous of all the time Albert’s spending with Ada Lovelace, and turns to Lord M for help

Warp and Weft
Victoria must make two fairly significant goodbyes, but first: let’s have a big fancy ball ! Also, the People are annoyed, and they’re not quiet about it.

Sins of the Father
Albert gets some choice family drama when he returns to Coburg for a funeral, while back in London Victoria grapples with postpartum depression

Entente Cordiale
In order to head off a potentially destabilising marriage proposal, Victoria heads to France, accompanied by fun courtiers and a not-so-fun Albert

Faith, Hope, and Charity
The Irish Potato Blight hits, giving most of the men a chance to look like jerks and Victoria a chance to be the most woke person in England