Upstairs Downstairs


Series 1

The New Girl
New maid Sarah arrives at the Bellamy household and immediately starts causing problems, mainly because she’s a compulsive liar with a bad attitude

The Mistress and the Maids
A douchy artist causes all sorts of trouble when he exhibits his portrait of Lady Marjorie alongside a nude of Rose and Sarah

A Secondhand Life
The cats are away, and the servant mice decide to play by throwing a party and dressing up in Marjorie’s clothes. Unfortunately, James Bellamy decides this is a good time to pay a visit home, and after he puts the moves on Sarah, she starts reconsidering her place in life

Childish Things
The Bellamys’ spoiled, childish daughter, Elizabeth, returns from a continental education and ends up being such an obnoxious pill she actually forces Rose to become kind of awesome

Spy Games
The German houseguest Elizabeth’s glommed onto has a few dirty secrets

The More Things Change
The new maid has a secret that gets Richard into all sorts of trouble

Lady Marjorie’s Lover
Lady Marjorie has an affair with her son James’s friend

Romeo and Juliet is NOT a How-to!
Emily the kitchen maid takes a teenage romance waaaay too seriously

Why is Her Door Locked?
Mrs Bridges steals and hides someone’s baby, and yet it seems like we’re supposed to feel sorry for her.

Series 6

The New Arrivals
New owners arrive at 165 Eaton Place and set about hiring a staff. Hijinks ensue.

The Ladybird
Persie and Spargo decide to become Nazis and lovers; Agnes is pregnant; a new maid arrives with the obligatory mysterious past, and Pritchard ends up being one of the few characters I still like by the end of this episode.

The Cuckoo
Hallam deals with endless problems, both at home and work, and uncovers some long-buried family secrets.

Series 7

The Newcomers
It’s 1938, and England’s on the brink of war. New servants arrive, favorite characters disappear, and Hallam desperately tries to avert a war while his wife tries to recover from a c-section and keep the peace at home (which is not as easy as it sounds)

Family Ties
The plight of Jews in Europe gives most of the upstairs people something to do, as Amanjit and Blanche try to arrange the import of a bunch of kids and Agnes flirts a donation out of a rich American. Belowstairs, Thackaray throws a snit and walks out, only to walk right back in by episode’s end.

A Decent Man
Persie’s back and knocked up, so she makes Hallam sit by her side as she recovers from her illegal abortion. Agnes tries to shake up the staff and only ends up pissing off Beryl so bad she brings in an outside advocate. Blanche’s lady lover shows up–husband and kids in tow–and tries to make Blanche a kept woman.

Cracks in the Facade
To impress Beryl, Spargo gets into boxing, and then gets into training when Johnny’s recruited by the local gym. Agnes tries hard to reach out to her husband, who has inexplicably decided to become a complete asshole and neglects her while seeking out Persie’s company for no reason at all. So, Agnes finds comfort (and employment) befriending Landry and modeling his new line of stockings.

The Last Hurrah
Hallam falls so far down the douchebag rabbit hole he manages to drive Agnes to Buckinghamshire with the kids and Blanche off to God-knows-where. Persie screws around with Spargo and Beryl, presumably for her own amusement, and then spies for the Germans a bit, and Pritchard plans a party and falls in love.

No Going Back
Pritchard disappears for an extended bender, but then he just comes back and everyone’s cool with it and apparently he’s no longer a total alcoholic. Agnes finds out about Persie and her husband right about the time Hallam gets confirmation that Persie’s a spy, so the walls start to close in from all around. Oh, and England’s totally going to war.

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