The Village


Series 1

Scenes from Rural Life
Meet some of the unhappiest people in Britain: The Middletons, who have an alcoholic dad with a secret, an older son desperate to escape, a younger son with a hopeless crush, and a mom who’s just worn out. There’s also the Allingham family, who have a big house and Juliet Stevenson for a mom, but also have a rather crazy sister

Sins of the Father
Caroline’s pregnancy dredges up John’s deep, dark secret

A Question of Conscience
Joe’s home on leave, to deliver some bad news to his best friend’s mum and fiancee; conscription starts, putting Eyre in the awkward position of having to flat-out refuse to go to war.

Thy Will Be Done
Baby Mary is sick with scarlet fever, and while Grace looks after her rather helplessly, John raids the Allinghams’ cow shed for a cure, only to end up in legal trouble again

Joe’s broken. Very, very broken.

The village dedicates its war memorial and tries very, very hard to move on and heal from its losses

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