The Pallisers

The Marriage Game
Lively but flighty Glencora is in love with Burgo Fitzgerald, and dull, dependable Plantagenet loves the married Lady Dunbellow. Their horrible relatives get it into their heads that they should love each other, and a marriage is duly arranged.

The Honeymooners
Glencora’s and Plantagenet’s honeymoon isn’t exactly dripping with romance. Glencora’s cousin Alice’s love life is heating up, though, thanks to the reappearance of her former fiance, George

Cold Cure
After Plantagenet proves impossible to reason with, Glencora purposely gets sick to avoid having to spend a weekend with Burgo. Alice dumps Grey and goes back to George, who’s getting into serious debt on Burgo’s behalf.

After the Ball
Alice starts winning grandpa over to George’s side, but not quite in the way George wants. Glencora’s attempts to keep dodging Burgo end at his aunt’s ball, but she fails to run away with him as he’d hoped.

Another Suitcase in Another Hall
George finally lets his jerk flag fly so high that Alice unloads him and lets him face the debt collectors and Grey alone. He does not come out the victor in one of those battles. The Pallisers are dealing with fallout from the ball, and Plantagenet realizes he’s going to have to do something drastic to save his marriage.

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