The Knick

the-knick-s1-key-artWelcome to Our Circus
Medicine in turn-of-the-century New York was corrupt, experimental, and downright batshit insane

Bring Up the Bodies
Edwards deals with his horrible marginalisation by opening a secret clinic for black patients, Thack and the others are still trying not to kill people, which might be easier if the electricity running through the hospital wasn’t unbelievably shoddy. Baxter’s in deep with some very, very bad people, and Sister Harriet’s got a secret

Seeing the Light
A woman from Thack’s past shows up needing help, Edwards’s Clandestine Clinic runs into some problems, Barrow is running around stealing bodies and chopping up dead pigs, and Lucy’s unexpected wisdom prompts Thack to do a risky surgery on a little girl

Where’s the Dignity?
Cleary and Harriet make a deal, Lucy discover’s Thack’s secret opium addiction, and Gallinger and Edwards come to blows

The Silver Lining
Thack and Lucy bond over a bicycle, Edwards has some success in the Clandestine Clinic, Robertson buys the hospital a new toy, and Barrow takes advantage of a new opportunity to reduce his debt

Peekaboo, I See You
Bertie and Thack have a breakthrough in the placenta previa surgery, Cornelia tracks down Typhoid Mary and discovers her future father-in-law is creepy as hell, and the Clandestine Clinic is found out

Taking a Level in Badass
The murder of an Irish cop sets off a race riot centred on the Knick, and everyone on staff responds by seriously stepping up

A Storm’s a-Brewing
New York runs out of cocaine, sending Thack into serious withdrawal. Lucy’s looking for more commitment, Edwards and Cornelia are still ‘working late’ together, and Gallinger breaks his wife’s brain

The Bleak Midwinter
Things get very, very bleak as Thack becomes increasingly desperate, Eleanor Gallinger goes crazy, and Cornelia gets some news that’s both welcome and not

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