The Great British Bake Off

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Series 4

Let them Eat Cake!
Series 4 kicks off, appropriately enough, with cakes

It’s Paul’s favourite day, but he’s surprisingly nice. Ruby pulls herself together, and Lucy proves she has no imagination whatsoever

Oh, It’s Just a Trifle
The Bakewells deal with trifle, petit fours, floating islands, and a custard thief

Pie? Oh My!
The Bakewells don’t seem to understand that it’s possible to make a pie that isn’t apple. Also, custard tarts defeat all but three, and the filo pies mostly sound amazing.

Biscuit Fever
It’s biscuit week, so traybakes, tuilles, and toppling towers rule the day

Hot Buns!
Sweet pastry’s on the menu this week. Ruby whines some more and gets a smackdown from Mary, while Howard’s adorable peach buns fail to impress

I Choux, Choux, Choooux-se You
For pastry week we have suet puddings, little nuns, and puff-pastry showstoppers

Shut UP, Ruby!
The all-female quarterfinalists get some cracked-out challenges this week: breads with ‘unusual’ flours, and a dairy-free novelty cake made with vegetables. Ruby goes back to whining and moaning about everything and gets rewarded for it, instead of being slapped by Mary and told to snap out of it.

La Semaine Francaise
It’s French week for the semifinals, and the Bakewells are tasked with creating lovely canapes, Charlotte royale, and opera cakes

It’s the finals, so the Bakewells are severely burnt out and exhausted, and it shows. Wet pie pastry, misshapen pretzels, and terrible wedding cakes all make an appearance before the winner is named

Series 5

Mary Berry’s Cherry (Cake)
Series 5 starts off with a seriously retro technical, itty bitty classics, and one joke too many about Mary’s cherry

The Pirate King
We’ve got cracking crackers, frustrating florentines, and perfect pirates for biscuit week

Are you Trying to Get a Rise Out of Me?
It’s bread week, which means Paul’s in his element judging fancy centrepiece filled bread showstoppers

Evil producers force the Bakewells to do frozen desserts on the hottest day of the year, and Diana maybe sabotages Iain

Get a Pieful
Norman tries to take the judges’ constant criticism of his bakes’ safeness to heart and ends up creating something truly horrible sounding

For European cakes week, the Bakewells are tasked with yeast-leavened cakes, princess torte, and a fiendish dobos torte. Mary and Paul have a falling out, and Sue tries out a bizarre accent

Crying Over Choux
The Bakewells tackle savoury parcels, Breton buns nobody’s ever heard of, and choux during pastry week

Mmmm, Doooooooughnuts
The Bakewells are dealing with advanced dough this week, which means filled sweet breads, an intricate scrolled loaf, and tricky doughnuts

Series 6

This is No Time to Riff
One contestant goes a little too far with his flights of fancy, and another one nearly has a BinGate-esque meltdown

Brilliant Biscuits
The Bakewells get to make biscotti, some rather yummy sounding Arlettes, and biscuit boxes filled with more biscuits. Marie endures a long, hard fall while some of the men pull away from the pack

Who Knew Bread Could Do That?
Ian and Paul rock bread week, while Dorret fails to rise to the challenge

Don’t They Always Make Desserts?
It’s dessert week (unlike every other week on this show) and the Bakewells are tasked with making creme brulees, an insane meringue cake, and more cheesecake than I can bear to even think about

Ugne’s Ugly Bakes
It’s ‘free from’ week, so the Bakewells have to make cakes with no sugar, bread with no gluten, and ice cream without dairy. All of which leaves Ugne utterly without joy.

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