Ripper Street

o-RIPPER-STREET-570Series 1

A dead prostitute brings Ripper-related panic back to Whitechapel, but there’s something crazier and more advanced afoot

Oliver Twisted
A toyshop owner turns up dead, and the local vigilante committee turns over a terrified 14-year-old, which leads the boys to the most twisted take on a Dickens classic you’ve ever seen.

Breaking Bread
The boys deal with a poisoning plot masquerading as a cholera outbreak

Amp’d Up
A double murder and an epileptic prostitute have unexpected connections to the new Underground railway

In Extremis
Drake gets a whole episode of character development as Iain Glen shows up as his former commanding officer in the army/master thief who makes him ashamed of his life and how vets are treated (timely!).

Mother Russia
We’re dealing with spies, anarchy, and international politics this week as the boys evade special branch so they can chase down the killer of a Russian radical during a dock strike

Two wives’ secret identities put their husbands’ lives in danger, and one of those couples we know quite well

Lonely Hearts
In a rather disappointing episode, Jackson languishes in jail for a while whilst Rose gets kidnapped again and Reid and Drake uncover a human trafficking organisation

Series 2

H and K
The boys are back and soon discover heroin, make friends with the Elephant Man, and find an enemy in K division

Freak Show
The boys investigate the death of a new mother who had a tail, while Merrick gets menaced by Shine

Women’s Lib
In an episode about women’s rights and the injustices they faced, nearly all the attention is focussed on a complete man-hating nutjob. Thanks a lot, show.

Power to the People
An early IRA member gets mixed up in the struggle over AC and DC power, while Flyte gets some character development

Love and Gold
Gay rights and male prostitution meet the credit crunch

The Prodigal Returns
Jackson’s no-account brother shows up, toting a diamond that’s way more trouble than it’s worth, and there’s a spy at work in Leman Street

Our Betrayal
The series concludes in a very satisfying way, with Duggan getting his, Susan having one last opportunity to be pretty awesome, Shine having his ass handed to him, and Drake exploring a new path in life

Series 3

Whitechapel Terminus
A robbery mishap brings a train crash literally to Leman Street’s doorstep and allows our favourite trio to reunite after four years apart

The Girl in the Cellar
When Susan’s lawyer goes to collect a debt (and accidentally kills a woman) he finds a girl with an unexpected connection to Reid hidden in the victim’s cellar

Speak for the Dead
Drake reluctantly takes over Reid’s role and investigates a murder that unveils at least two types of fraud

Your Father, My Friend
Matilda wanders the streets of Whitechapel, which is definitely no place for someone like her, while Reid and the others race to track her down

Heavy Boots
While Reid fights for his life, Drake and Jackson track a gang out murdering pub landlords

The Incontrovertible Truth
The guys have one night to figure out if a lord or his wife committed a murder in Whitechapel

Live Free, Live True
It’s been a while since we’ve had an episode that deals with women’s rights, but this one is much better handled than the last. Tonight, it’s all about reproductive rights and abortion access, with a little force sterilisation thrown in just to keep things interesting

The Peace of Edmund Reid
Reid’s ready to head off to a retirement at the beach with his daughter, just as soon as he helps the others bring down Susan’s evil father

Series 4

The Stranger’s Home, Part I
Drake investigates the murder of an Indian man on the eve of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, Jackson struggles to save Susan from the hangman, and Reid is called on to look into a possible miscarriage of justice

The Stranger’s Home, Part II
A murderer is found, a man hanged, and a woman rescued. And Reid gets a job.

Some Conscience Lost
The death of a young boy makes Reid’s first day back sadder and more interesting than he anticipated

A White World Made Red
Dracula fever grips Whitechapel

Men of Iron, Men of Smoke
The murder of a promising athlete brings a familiar face back into Drake’s life

No Wolves in Whitechapel
The Golem has struck again, and this time, Leman Street’s hot on his trail

Edmund Reid Did This
Dove finds the body of Susan’s father, who had enough time to scratch one last, damning message on the wall. Meanwhile, the crew closes in on the Golem…and loses one of their own in the process


Season 5

Closed Casket
Reid and Drake regain their footing and start tracking Nathaniel while a thug from seasons past takes over H Division

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