Season 1

My Inheritance
Ross Poldark returns from war to find his father dead, his girlfriend engaged to his cousin, and his home in ruins

In the Blood
Ross would really like to focus on reopening his mine, but all these ridiculous family dramas keep getting in the way!

Rumour Has It
The whole neighbourhood’s gossiping about Ross and Demelza, so the pair finally really give them something to talk about. Francis is letting jealousy and frustration lead him down a really ugly path, and Jim is an idiot who manages to get himself arrested

Watching for Pilchards
Ross and Demelza are still deep in the honeymoon period, which means lots of sex, but they’re also realising that their marriage is going to have some consequences, like losing Ross some investors and throwing Demelza headfirst into a social position she’s not really prepared for

A Gambling Man
Ross and Demelza welcome a daughter before getting started on some side projects. Demelza’s working on getting Verity and Blamey back together, while Ross prepares to take on the powerful smelting monopoly. And Francis? Screws up BIG TIME

Welcome to Ross’s Pity Party!
Jim, the poacher we barely got to know, dies, and Ross is so upset about it he becomes a horrible, selfish, drunk, insulting, stupid jerk who does all he can to ensure he goes to prison and leaves his wife and kid destitute. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!

Demelza helps Verity get her happily ever after, unaware that doing so will have serious, devastating consequences for both her family and others

The Wreck
Ross leads a band of hungry people down to the beach to pick clean a wrecked ship, which ends up going very badly for him. But not as badly as what happens when Demelza goes to help Francis’s family when they fall ill.

Season 2

Oh, Ross!
Ross acts so Ross-y (and George is so insane) he winds up in prison facing an almost certain guilty verdict.

Ross in the Dock
It’s time for Ross’s trial! Gee, do you think he’ll be hanged?

George demands the massive interest on Ross’s loan, forcing Ross and Demelza to basically sell everything they have just to pay it

Family Time
Francis finally starts reconciling with his sister and her husband while Ross gets a piece of the local smuggling action and re-opens an old mine, with Francis’s help

Sink or Swim
Things have been looking up for Francis, who totally has a new lease on life! Which means it’s time for something terrible to happen to him, right?

Merry Christmas
With the recent tragedy and failing mine, it’s not a very merry holiday for anyone

The Informant
Ross recklessly pursues information about his mine, while Enys and Demelza uncover their informant

Look Up and You’ll See Rock Bottom!
News of Elizabeth’s engagement sends Ross right over the Moral Event Horizon

Poldark: Demelza considers revenge, Elizabeth worries and wonders what to do, George gleefully wedding plans, and Ross gets super lucky. Again.

Season 3

Dark Moon Rising
Things are going well for Ross, but he’s getting restless as Elizabeth’s time gets closer. Luckily he has the distraction of a wedding and some family drama

Into the Fire We Go
Both Blamey’s and Enys’s ships disappear, leading everyone to fear the worst and sending Ross scrambling for answers and eventually leaving for France

I’m Gonna Do My Own Thing
While Ross nearly gets himself killed in France, Demelza basically rules the world back home and Elizabeth gets started on her drug problem

Ross and his friends give to the poor while George tries to marry poor Morwenna off to a truly repulsive excuse for a human being

Prison Break
Ross decides it’s high time he busted Enys out of prison, and he assembles a posse to do just that. Meanwhile, George keeps getting bad news

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
George can’t seem to get toads off his property, Morwenna and Drake get back together, Aunt Agatha is delightful, and everything suddenly goes to hell

Here’s One for the Ladies
Ross is given the opportunity to be an MP and help lots of people, but since it wasn’t his idea, of course he turns it down. And then Agatha dies

Three’s a Crowd
George wins his election and freezes out his wife; Ross and Elizabeth come to a rapport just as things chill between him and Demelza

One Grand Gesture
George goes after Drake & Ross’s refusal to step in basically breaks Demelza, who turns to Armitage. Elizabeth and George have it out, & Ross makes a choice

Season 4

The Riot Act
The poor are unhappy, which leads to a riot that threatens to get both Carne brothers hanged. Ross and the other rich people discuss this problem and the coming election, which will be won by George unless Ross can be convinced to run, which you know he totally will

Now Everything Will Change
Ross and George square off over the parliamentary seat, Hugh’s health takes a turn for the worse, Demelza and Caroline try their hand at politics, and Sam Carne takes a beating (but might get a girlfriend out of it. In a year.)

Movin’ on Up
Ross gets his first taste of Parliamentary life and dances around issues with Demelza, George schemes to get back into politics, and the Enyses welcome a daughter, though their happiness may be short-lived

After the Flood
Ross’s plan to expand the mine doesn’t go well, Whitworth has horrible plans for Morwenna, George seems set to return to Westminster, and Caroline and Enys bid farewell to their tiny daughter. This was… not a happy episode.

Arthur in the Woods with a Candlestick
Ross tries to get justice for the starving people of Britain, Demelza totally screws up Drake’s life, Caroline and Elizabeth treat themselves to new wardrobes, and we finally get a death we’ve been waiting for

It’s a Wonderful Life
Ross returns to Cornwall just in time to ride to Pascoe’s rescue, of course. George schemes, Elizabeth hides morning sickness, Rosina forgives, Demelza makes a mess of trying to fix things, and poor Morwenna just can’t win.