Penny Dreadful

Penny_Dreadful_title_cardSeries 1

Here There Be Monsters
Noted explorer Malcolm Murray assembles a crack team that consists (so far) of a gunslinger, a hot psychic, and Victor Frankenstein to help rescue his vampire daughter

Sins of the Fathers
Vanessa turns a party’s seance into a tour de force of crazy, Victor gets to know his adorable new creation, Ethan makes a new friend, and Dorian Gray arrives on the scene

The Firstborn
Frankenstein’s far less cuddly, but far more interesting firstborn takes centre stage

The Role of a Lifetime
Ethan’s date night with Brona goes really poorly, though not nearly as poorly as Fenton’s night with Malcolm and Victor; Dorian and Vanessa get flirty; and we get some pretty heavy hints as to what Ethan actually is

We spend the episode delving into Vanessa’s history with the Murrays, and it’s not pretty

Getting Freaky
Things get really weird during Vanessa’s and Dorian’s date night, the boys explore a ship full of vampires, and a heartbroken Cal takes out Victor’s latest father figure

The Beast Within
The boys try to drag Vanessa from the grip of whatever the hell is possessing her

Night of the Living Dead
Mina and the Creature are finally found, Ethan’s totally not surprising secret is revealed, and Brona gets a new lease on life

Series 2

The Witches
Now that we’ve gotten rid of the vampires, it’s time to introduce some seriously nasty witches, out to get Vanessa for the devil, if they can

Verbis Diablo
Victor starts introducing Brona to humanity and language, Dorian takes a walk on the Wilde side, and the crew gets help sorting out the devil’s language

The Cut-Wife
It’s a flashback episode as we find out how Vanessa first met the witches and got basic training in how to (maybe) outwit them

Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places
The gang gets closer to deciphering Brother Gregory’s artifacts, the witches get something they want from Vanessa, and things continue to get more charged between Victor and Lily

Above the Vaulted Sky
The Murray Manse is turned into a fortress, Kali takes care of Mrs M, and lots of characters get laid

Glorious Horrors
Apparently this version of Victorian London is far more tolerant and ahead of its time than real Victorian London was, because high society has no problem going to Dorian’s ball en masse to party with his transexual lover. Malcolm’s acting kind of nutty, which escapes no one’s notice, and Ethan reveals his secret to Sembene.

Little Scorpion
Ethan and Vanessa escape to the country; Lily picks up a guy and gets scary

Memento Mori
Back in London, Lily gets to have her say, and it’s AMAZING, and Kali lures in Malcolm

And Hell Itself My Only Foe
The Scooby crew go after Malcolm; Lily finds her perfect match

And They Were Enemies
The Scooby Gang defeats the witches and the devil himself (apparently) and then deal with the fallout

Series 3

The Day Tennyson Died
Lyle gets Vanessa some much-needed help, Ethan and Malcolm both have deadly encounters, Cal starts to remember his past, and Victor turns to his old friend, Dr Jekyll, for assistance with his Lily problem

Predators Near and Far
Lily becomes a sort of avenging angel, Vanessa confesses to Dr Seward and then asks Sweet out on a date, Hecate helps Ethan escape, and Jekyll gives Victor a demonstration

Good and Evil Braided Be
Lily trains her new protegee, Cal locates his family, Vanessa dumps Sweet after being spooked by one of the vampires, and Ethan and Hecate are still on the run

A Blade of Grass
We take a deep dive into Vanessa’s time in the asylum

This World is Our Hell
Victor’s perfecting Jekyll’s treatment in the hope of using it on Lily; Ethan gets to go home

No Beast So Fierce
Justine’s getting out of hand, Lily’s building an army, Vanessa gets a new ally, and things get very bloody at the Talbot Ranch

Ebb Tide
Cal reunites with his family, Dorian sells out Lily, Vanessa goes over to the dark side

Perpetual Night
London is basically overrun by plagues as Malcolm, Ethan and Kaetenay return and start searching for Vanessa

The Blessed Dark
It all comes down to this, and this…is disappointing

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