outlander title cardSeries 1

Girl Walks Into a Stone Circle…
While on a Scottish second honeymoon with her husband, former war nurse Claire Randall messes about with some mystical standing stones and gets tossed back to 1743

‘Guest’ is so Much Nicer than ‘Prisoner’
Claire is suspected of being an English spy, so she’s made a permanent ‘guest’ at Castle Leoch until she can prove otherwise

A Song for Claire Randall
Claire is either a witch or a miracle worker for saving a boy from poisoning

The Gathering
The MacKenzies gather at Castle Leoch to swear loyalty to Colum, providing some new challenges for both Claire and Jamie

Claire and the boys head out into the countryside to collect rent, and she soon realises Dougal’s also collecting funds for the doomed rebellion that’s still two years away

The Garrison Commander
Claire faces off against Jack Randall and learns, horribly, that her husband is descended from a frightening sociopath

The Wedding
Jamie and Claire get married and get sexy

Both Sides Now
Claire is taught to defend herself and very quickly puts those skills to good use during the attempted rape of the week. Jamie goes off to investigate someone who could clear his name, and while he’s gone, Claire tries to reach the standing stones and is captured and taken to Randall. AGAIN.

The Reckoning
Claire gets rescued and learns some hard truths about 18th century marriage. Jamie tries to figure out this whole husband thing while also trying to avoid inter-clan warfare

By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Jamie looks to the Duke of Sandringham for help; Claire’s and Geillis’s behaviour finally catch up to them

The Devil’s Mark
Claire and Geillis go on trial for witchcraft, and Geillis reveals a juicy secret

Jamie takes Claire back to Lallybroch, where he wastes no time acting like a complete jerk with his sister and proving to be a fairly terrible laird

The Watch
The Watch–and Horrocks–unexpectedly show up at Lallybroch and Jamie suddenly remembers that he’s a wanted man. Oops!

The Search
Jamie has escaped and gone into hiding, so to tempt him out, Claire and Murtaugh become itinerant performers, roaming the countryside with a terrible sword dance, lame fortunetelling, and a Scottish ditty sung boogie woogie style.

Wentworth Prison
In an episode as different from the last one as bagpipes are from a harpsichord, Randall gets to work on Jamie while the latter’s imprisoned

To Ransom a Man’s Soul
Jamie is rescued bodily, but it’s an uphill battle to save his mind and soul

Series 2

Through a Glass, Darkly
Claire and Jamie arrive in France and are almost immediately handed a cushy life in Paris and make a powerful enemy

Not in Scotland Anymore
Life in Paris is very, very pretty and includes princes who are shits, kings who can’t shit, and an unwelcome familiar face

Useful Occupations and Deceptions
Claire volunteers, Jamie gets to put the codebreaking skills we didn’t know he had to good use, and Murtagh finds a way to fill his long afternoons

La Dame Blanche
Claire and Jamie plan a big fancy dinner party in the hope of forcing Charles to reveal himself as kind of an idiot in front of Sandringham. As is almost always the case when these two try plotting, things really don’t go to plan

Untimely Resurrection
Jack’s back! And Claire forces her husband to put off his revenge for a year, because she’s not done ruining  Mary Hawkins’s life yet.

Best-Laid Schemes
Claire and Jamie embark on yet another harebrained scheme which, somehow, seems to actually work. Unfortunately, their triumph is short-lived, because Randall does something so unspeakable Jamie has no option but to duel with him after all.

While Jamie’s in prison for dueling, Claire gives birth to a stillborn daughter and makes us all spend the next hour ugly-crying (except for the completely bizarre interlude where she pretends to be an actual witch for the king and gets St Germain killed. Yes, you read that right.)

The Fox’s Lair
We’re thankfully back in Scotland, but fun times at Lallybroch are cut short when Charles lands, the rebellion begins, and Jamie has to go and try to wrench some soldiers from the grasp of his horrible grandfather

Je Suis Prest
Jamie, Dougal and Murtagh start training their ragtag troops while Claire deals with PTSD from her own experiences in World War II

It’s time for the first real battle–and the first real deaths

Vengeance is Mine
Claire winds up in Sandringham’s hands once again

Dragonfly in Amber
Culloden is unavoidable, so Jamie insists Claire go back to the 20th century. There, she lives her life for a bit, but a trip back to Scotland with her adult daughter sends her back down a familiar road

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