Mr Selfridge

Mr SelfridgeSeries 1

Mr Selfridge Builds His Dream Store
Harry Selfridge arrives in London, makes a few of the right friends, and gets to work creating the greatest department store the city’s ever seen

Taking Flight
In one of his first PR coups, Harry puts the first plane to make it across the English Channel on display in the store–and puts Ellen on display with it. Rose meets a handsome artist at the National Gallery, and Agnes’s smarmy creepster of a dad shows up

Perfume-Story of a Scandal
Harry scandalously decides to put cosmetics and perfumes for sale right out in the open on the shop floor. Rose asks Mae for help launching Rosalie onto the social scene, which gives Mae an opportunity to spill the beans about Harry’s and Ellen’s affair.

Pavlova Moment
Anna Pavlova comes to town, providing an opportunity Harry’s only too happy to exploit. A completely random employee named Miss Bunting is fired for theft and replaced by a very Modern Woman named Irene. A coked-up Ellen embarrasses herself, and Rose makes some new hipster friends

Baby, You Can Drive My Car
One of the Selfridge kids accidentally tells Harry about Rose’s flirtation with Roddy, which sends him into a downward spiral that ends in a major car crash

Out Cold
Harry spends most of the episode in a coma, which puts the staff in a tizzy as they wonder about their futures and wring their hands over a proposed suffragette attack on shop windows. A recently widowed Grove starts acting like he owns the place, stupidly pissing off Mae, and Henri puts the moves on Agnes

Let me Call You Sweetheart
This week we meet Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agnes gets traded to fashion, Kitty gets a secret admirer, and Doris proves she’s an absolute sweetheart

The Competition
Harry’s facing competition from his old Stateside friend, FW Woolworth, prompting Harry to decide to have a big sale. Roddy turns out to be a completely creepy nut, and Victor gets screwed over by Mae

Out in the Cold
An unexpected and tragic death rocks the staff and prompts Grove to date Doris while the store entertains Shackleton

All the World’s a Stage
Mae’s and Harry’s jilted lovers collaborate on a truly atrocious play that humiliates Rose so much she packs up the kids and returns to the States. Grove proposes to Doris and turns into a horrible person, which allows Mardle to turn into kind of an awesome person, and Henri, tired of Harry’s crappy treatment of him, follows Valarie to New York.

Series 2

I Just Wanted to Come Home
The store’s celebrating its fifth anniversary, bringing Agnes, Edwards, and Rose back to London (along with Henri, apparently). Lady Mae’s jerkass husband shows up too, and wastes no time establishing his villain status, while Agnes realizes you can’t necessarily pick right up where you left off

Labour Relations
Harry throws a staff party at Delphine’s, Loxsley turns full-on abusive, the loading bay guys toy with unionization, and Rose pays Henri a visit

Overworked and Overwhelmed
Grove and Agnes are both struggling in their jobs, but are rescued by Crabb and Henri. Mae learns more about her husband’s financial state, Mardle comes into an inheritance, and Britain finally goes to war

Rose and her friends decide that the best way to help the Belgians is by reducing their culture to its most basic stereotype: chocolate. The store’s facing losing most of its male staff to the war, including Victor and George, and Mardle and Agnes decide to become roommates

Straight Shootin’
Everyone wants to find a way to help out with the war. Rose designs some new uniforms and shows off her Annie Oakley-esque gunslinging skills; Harry tries to get a place on the military procurement committee, only to get screwed over by Loxsley; Mae shops; Gordon sulks; and Mardle gets an adorable Belgian refugee

Harry Selfridge, Secret Agent
Thackeray thinks Henri’s a spy, and might have had him arrested as such, but it’s really Harry, with his go-anywhere American passport, who’s being sent to Germany by the government

With Harry out of the country, everything goes to hell. Loxsley’s Shitty Shoes for Soldiers Scheme comes back to haunt him, so he immediately throws Harry under the bus, and everyone ridiculously just goes along with it. Henri rots in jail, having been accused of espionage when in fact he’s just yet another creepy stalker who can’t let go of an uninterested woman, and the store loses at least one employee in the trenches.

You Owe Me
Harry returns home from his not-so-secret trip to Germany and discovers he now has several giant messes to clean up, and few people really willing to help him

Mae and Edwards team up to bring down Loxley and save Harry, Delphine makes a sloppy play and is sent packing, and Harry rescues Henri from an idiotic and vindictive DA

If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free
Harry finally manages to clear his name with the procurement committee, Rose finds out she’s dying and is curiously fine with it, and Mardle and Victor finally make some decisions about their relationships

Series 3

Harry’s desire to keep Rose’s memory alive means upsetting his golddigging new son-in-law, while Henri’s memories of the war mean serious PTSD

No Man’s Land
Harry asks the board for money to buy the land in Acton, despite Crabb’s reservations. Violette’s bored and wants a job, but Harry already has to fire a bunch of women, so no dice. Thackeray takes a step too far and gets fired, and Henri’s spinning closer to an inevitable breakdown

The Breaking Point
Henri finally reaches it, trashing a window display and screaming at Agnes in front of a crowd of onlookers. Harry ends up paying waaay too much money for the land in Acton, thanks to Loxsley, Lois starts to look into Marie’s shady background, and Kitty gets assaulted

Almost nobody has it. Frank realises he was kind of complicit in his wife’s attack, but he keeps silent until Victor accidentally rats him out, and even then he wonders if there’s some way they can just share this tip anonymously and avoid getting into any trouble. His wife is not a big fan of his right now. Victor spends the night partying with Violette, who’s got a giant flashing ‘trouble’ sign right over her head he keeps ignoring, and Harry makes the moves on Nancy

Public Relations
Connie accidentally helps out with an article smearing Kitty and making her the target of hate mail, and Harry tries to help but only makes everything worse. Purkiss continues to give Loxsley a run for his money in the lame villain stakes, and Marie’s not a con artist, but Nancy is

Something Happened in Paris
Sergei stupidly sells some of Rosalie’s shares in the store, which allows Loxsley to snap them up and join the board. Victor’s now allowing Michael’s men to deal coke in his club, which is bad enough to make George quit, and Mardle finally comes clean with Grove about Ernest.

On a Break
Nancy suggests she and Harry take a break while she focusses on the housing project, which finally has its funding; Serge’s new business partner hits on Violette; Grove acts like a complete dick to Mardle until George steps in; and Victor starts turning his club into a gambling den

Season 4

The Return of Lady Mae
Harry’s at the top of his game and ready to step in when Mae returns, needing help

Jolly Dollys
Harry bizarrely decides to open a department selling technology that doesn’t exist yet, Mae gets a new job, and the Dollys prove to be a huge embarrassment

Splitting Shares
Elizabeth Arden stops by, and Connie goes all fangirl, while Harry starts making some very questionable business decisions and gambling (and losing) heavily

Swimming with Sharks
Harry gets in deeper with the Dollys, Frank messes up, and Mardle returns

Breaking Point
The Dollys finally screw up badly enough for Harry to show them the door

The Long Fall
Harry’s indebted chickens are coming home to roost in a very destructive way, Kitty kicks Frank out, Jimmy shocks us all, and Grove and Mardle get married

Go Big or Go Home
Mae struggles with Victor’s death, Harry’s preparing for a big new deal, Matilda’s being emotionally abused by her co-workers, a reporter starts digging into Victor’s association with Jimmy, and Grove decides to retire

Goodbye, Grove
Other stuff happens, but mostly all we care about is Grove dying

The Circus
Jimmy seriously messes up on a number of levels as Harry gets to work planning the store’s 20th anniversary celebrations

The House that Harry Built
All of Harry’s and Jimmy’s mistakes come together and end Harry’s reign in his own store. But he gets Mae, so there’s that.

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