Call the Midwife

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Season 1

Dealing With What the Lord Has Sent Us
Jenny Lee arrives in the East End and is shocked to learn that poor people live in poverty.

I Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Birthin’ No Babies
A new midwife arrives; Jenny takes in a stray with a seriously depressing story

Loving Husbands
Jenny befriends an elderly war veteran and helps out a childhood pal; Chummy gets a date; Trixie and Cynthia get a little surprise during one delivery

Love Hurts
Welcome to the nightmares episode! A young couple has their baby snatched, while another set of soulmates endures a hideous tragedy. Also: Trixie needs to get a life and learn compassion

Someone to Watch Over Me
Instead of babies, we deal with the aged tonight. Specifically, Nonnatus House’s maid, whose extremely close and loving relationship with her cancer-stricken brother is gross and evil in Jenny’s judgmental mind. Speaking of Jenny, a past love resurfaces, forcing her to address her future with Jimmy.

Not Right in the Head
Sister MJ has gone off the deep end, it seems, but that doesn’t keep her out of court for stealing. Chummy, meanwhile, has to deal with her nightmare of a mother, putting her relationship with Noakes in serious jeopardy.

Unto Us, a Child is Born
It’s Christmas time, which means we get teen pregnancy, an abandoned baby, a homeless woman mourning her dead children and workhouse past, and Chummy going insane over a nativity play. Hurrah!

Season 2

Pimp Slap
For the first episode of series 2 we get a battered wife, a man pimping out his own daughter, and, incongruously, laughing gas

Sudden Death
The laughs keep coming on this show. This week, the sudden death of a seemingly healthy infant throws doubt on Cynthia and ruins her confidence to the point where she basically has a breakdown. Jimmy reappears in Jenny’s life, and Chummy and Noakes ride off into the African sunset.

Sister Wives
Jenny gets sent to help out in the surgical ward of the London Hospital, where she grapples with a difficult doctor and winds up with Jimmy as one of her patients. Sadly, she misses all the twisted excitement of a pair of crazy twins, one of whom is pregnant, who put all their faith in 300-year-old medical knowledge.

The Broken Ones
The birth of a baby with spina bifida sends the parents and Jenny into something of a guilt tailspin

Sister MJ’s desperate for something to do, the mother of the week’s desperate to not be pregnant anymore, Trixie’s not as desperate for a man as she thought

Barely Breathing
A TB outbreak in Poplar sends Bernadette and Turner on a mission to bring in an x-ray van; Jenny manages to bring together an estranged father and daughter

Comings and Goings
The show deals very flippantly with both emotional abuse and racial prejudice. Cynthia’s treating a diabetic jerk who’s cruel to his downtrodden wife, while Jenny’s new patient is a recent immigrant whom the bigoted Poplar ladies think must be riddled with diseases. Off in her country hospital, Sister Bernadette weighs her life choices

We Are Family
Fred’s rather endearing daughter, Dolly, and Chummy both bring new life into the world, but not without complications for both. Jenny gets a date, courtesy of Jimmy, and Bernadette makes up her mind

An unexploded bomb sends everyone we know, plus a few extras, to a local shelter just before Christmas. A father-to-be tries to hold it together, despite some crippling PTSD, Turner and Bernadette prepare for their wedding, and a polio outbreak lays some low

Season 3

Failure to Thrive
Chummy struggles to fit into the housewife mould, Jenny and Turner take on a baffling case, and a royal swings by for a visit

Jenny gets promoted and then immediately has to deal with a mother basically being forced to give her baby up for adoption. Cynthia starts coaching the mothers of Poplar on natural childbirth

Behind Bars
Julienne and Trixie tend some ladies in the clink; Chummy celebrates her birthday; and poor Alec deploys the ‘L’ word, triggering Jenny’s commitment issues

Alec Jesmond Had a Great Fall
And all of Poplar’s nurses and all of Poplar’s men couldn’t put Alec together again

Loving Enough
A pregnant girl with Down Syndrome and her boyfriend with cerebral palsy give us a touching, complex look at relationships; a new midwife arrives, and she’s awesome; and Evangelina’s alcoholic brother turns up just in time for her jubilee

Prisoner of War
Patsy gets to share her tragic backstory when she gets a patient with a mysterious tropical disease. Trixie goes on an epically bad date with Curate Cutie, and Turner and Bernadette are considering adopting, if Turner’s strange behaviour doesn’t get in the way

Mummy Dearest
Chummy’s ever hateful mother shows up, in typical fine form, but this time she’s bringing a cancer diagnosis as well. Jenny returns and starts working at The London for a while, where she runs afoul of a government-mandated lack of compassion, and childbirth makes one woman actually go insane

Chummy and her mother come together at the very end, Bernadette and Turner ease past their relationship and communication issues just in time to become adoptive parents, and Jenny moves on

Season 4

Love is All Around Us
It’s Christmastime, and our first episode in a Post-Jenny world. Cynthia gets a new calling, and a sassy mum-to-be sees off a horrible nurse at a mother-and-baby home. Tragically, we never get to see the donkeys’ tap dance that gets teased

Trixie deals with a harrowing neglect and abuse case that reminds her of her own difficult childhood

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
Patsy and Barbara deal with a stillbirth that ultimately turns out to be not quite as crushingly tragic as we all feared (though it’s still super sad). A new midwife comes to Nonnatus to cover for Evangelina, who’s off to have a hysterectomy; Julienne reunites with a childhood sweetheart; and Trixie starts to turn into a little bit of a bridezilla

The Undesirables
An expectant mother’s husband is caught with another man, triggering a whole lot of mid-century ugliness.

The Women’s Hour
Girls are being born left and right, whether they’re wanted or not. Winifred goes on a safe-sex crusade, Bernadette briefly gets back in the saddle again, and Trixie and Tom hit a serious wall

Turner briefly fails to diagnose an infant’s very rare condition, and goes into a shame spiral so deep it takes most of Poplar telling him how awesome he is to get him back out of it again. Barbara takes on the task of trying to reach out to a pregnant Silheti woman who speaks no English, and Cynthia returns to Nonnatus

Our Children
Crane deals with a rough case involving a pregnant, diabetic teenager with an overbearing mother. Patsy and Delia dance closer to admitting their feelings for each other, Cynthia makes inroads at a gypsy encampment, and Fred gets a date!

Family Matters
Evangelina accidentally mixes up two babies, which naturally causes quite a bit of strain on the part of herself and the parents. Cynthia and Barbara help out the sweetest elderly couple on earth, Patsy and Delia try to sort out their relationship, and Fred and Mrs Gee decide to take the plunge.

A Place of Safety
The writers of this show are clearly miserable and don’t want anyone to be happy. We close out this series with Fred’s daughter interfering with his relationship, Chummy debating where to dump her mother’s ashes, Patsy and Delia getting to be happy for all of five minutes before being dealt an absolutely horrific blow, and Trixie calling a suicide hotline. Oh, and Turner prescribes thalidomide to a patient. But there’s also a nice deaf lady who gives birth, so…yay?

Season 5

I’ll be Home for Christmas
A grieving woman faces a shock late-in-life pregnancy, MJ goes home (which is not as good as it sounds), and the BBC’s plans to film a carol service in Poplar do not go smoothly

The Start of Something Big
Remember how Turner started prescribing thalidomide to his patients? Time for those chickens to come home to roost

Trust Me
A young woman loses patience with her husband, whom she thinks is a layabout but the truth is much darker; Crane flirts with a man in her Spanish class; and Evangelina’s insistence on breastfeeding actually makes a woman kind of crazy

An unwed mother resorts to desperate measures

Breach of Promise
Julienne spends some time working at the hospital, where she not only uncovers some horrifying practices but also comes face-to-face with the effects of thalidomide

Good Enough
A young woman with a past has a traumatic birth and slides into depression, Fred unsuccessfully attempts to be a shopkeeper for a while, Turner tries to persuade a patient to seek cancer treatment

Secrets and Lies
A mother’s attempt to conceal her daughter’s pregnancy nearly ends in disaster, the Turners go camping (which also nearly ends in disaster), and Winifred falls victim to a man brutally assaulting women around Poplar

A Dark and Stormy Night
A gale brings all sorts of craziness on a busy night for the Nonnatuns

Get those hankies out, people

Season 6

Step Right Up
Most of the cast heads off to a remote hospital in Africa, where they all deal with the heat and a heartless landowner and get to be completely awesome

Pain and Terror
A battered wife tries to free herself, only to find that the 60s weren’t too kind to women seeking a divorce. There’s change afoot at Nonnatus as Julienne is unceremoniously demoted in favour of the hard line Sister Ursula, Cynthia battles trauma, and Shelagh gets some very unexpected news.

A Little Hope
Hopeful mothers and rebellion against a petty tyrant rule this (very prescient) episode

Stay of Execution
Ursula’s rules endanger a newborn, Trixie returns with strange news and Turner gets an ultimatum

Holding On
Shelagh waits for news, Tom reveals a big secret, and a desperate mother-to-be faces a difficult decision

Bite Point
Fred and Violet take in an orphaned relative with Down’s Syndrome, and serious dental hygiene finally makes its way to Poplar

The midwives deal with a mother who’s had FGM, Cynthia is rescued but still needs a lot of help, and the Cuban Missile Crisis casts a long shadow

The Mulluckses are back! It’s time for Susan to get some prosthetics, but her father’s getting in the way. Meanwhile, Crane accidentally almost kills a kid.

The Change
We get birth, marriage, menopause and death all in one episode

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