The Paradise

Series 1

Welcome to Paradise
Denise arrives in the big city and gets a job at The Paradise just in time for their make-or-break sale

A Kiss is (Not) Just a Kiss
Sam gets entangled in a rich customer’s emotional problems and nearly loses his job. Luckily, Denise is around to save the day.

The Paradise Baby
A baby is found abandoned in ladieswear, giving Moray the opportunity to dial the douchiness up to eleven, sending Catherine running into the arms of a much, much better man. Arthur explores his family history and we learn a bit more about Clara’s and Miss Audrey’s pasts

A Pox on Ye!
Miss Audrey’s sick and out of commission, so Moray stupidly puts Denise in charge, upsetting Clara. Denise, of course, manages with aplomb and is even able to sell red silk and black lace to showgirls. She’s a natural! Also, Catherine idiotically screws up her relationship with Peter so badly even her father’s fed up with her nonsense.

Children’s Hour
In order to expand, Moray has to take on an idiotic new partner. Katherine, meanwhile, is trying to get his attention by shopping elsewhere–at Denise’s uncle’s place.

Love is in the air–and in the store’s latest display. Denise loves Moray and he loves her, but not enough to set business and Katherine aside. Dudley and Pauline both love some birds, and Jonas loves the memory of Mrs Moray so much he might have committed murder to protect it.

Denise tries to unite the other merchants, only to have her idiot of an uncle completely ruin it. Katherine gets a little giddy pre-wedding, goes on a spending spree, and tries to get Jonas fired

Death Comes to the Wedding
Denise returns to The Paradise, throwing a serious wrench into Moray’s wedding plans and turning Katherine into the creepiest bridezilla ever. Burroughs’s reappearance also causes some issues, for Jonas in particular.

Series 2

The Return of Moray
Moray returns after a year-long exile to find Katherine married to a man who wants to sell the store, a lousy saboteur, and an incredibly annoying new cook

The French Lady’s Visit
A ladyfriend of Moray’s comes for a visit, leaving everyone all shook up

Song and Dance
Clara and Denise vie with each other for the head of ladieswear position, things get ever creepier with Katherine and Tom, and Moray can’t seem to stop stepping in it

Mama Mia
Suzie’s mother shows up, which causes Suzie to completely lose her mind for a little bit; Moray strikes a deal with Fenton to get his store back; and Denise struggles with her new responsibilities

Tick Tock
The Paradise sets up a clock display, featuring Catherine’s father’s watch, which Sam uses to hypnotise the incredibly dimwitted Suzie. Myrtle stresses over cake, until Denise saves her (of course), and Moray’s selfishness puts Denise’s future career in jeopardy.

A Man Who Loves You
The store gets a very giddy new client with a very loving, fat-pocketed husband who might be interested in investing in the store. Moray takes his fake flirtation with Catherine a little too far, possibly ruining his relationship with Denise

Worth 1000 Words
Tom brings in a famous photographer who immediately starts showing an interest in Clara because she has a sad past, Catherine’s getting horribly jerked around by her husband, the store becomes a haunted house for a night, and Denise finally gives Moray what he deserves.

Clemence returns with serious debts, as well as some rouge for Denise to sell; Tom gets creepier than ever; Moray learns his lesson; and Denise decides to go into business for herself

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