A Young Doctor’s Notebook

daniel-radcliffe-jon-hamm-a-young-doctors-notebookSeries 1

A young doctor fresh out of med school arrives at a remote Russian hospital for the terminally socially awkward, stumbles around a bit, and gets advice from his older self

Saving the World One Peasant at a Time
There’s gore galore as Daniel deals with some seriously disgusting cases and Jon tries to feed his drug addiction

This is Muryovo. This is Muryovo on Drugs
Daniel battles stomach pains, difficult peasants, and boredom while Jon battles withdrawal

Rock Bottom
Dan gets hardened, and the drug habit starts to hit both him and Jon seriously hard.

Series 2

I Forgive You
The Revolution finally arrives in Muryovo, just as Dan realises he’s managed to use up almost all the morphine in the whole hospital

Shoot Yourself in the Foot
Dan replaces drugs with alcohol, falls for a lovely young aristocrat, and dumps Pel

The Monster Inside
Dan goes around being such a callous jerk he manages to disgust even himself

Crash Into Me
The war and Dan’s addiction come crashing together in a particularly horrible way

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