1501804_origThe Borgias
The infamous family schemes its way to a papal throne and then has to fight tooth and nail to stay there

A younger Merlin and an Arthur with ‘tween appeal try to keep the throne out of the hands of Magical Morgan

The_Paradise_series_3__what_s_going_to_happen_next_The Paradise
Naive but absurdly talented Denise takes a job in a department store and proceeds to blow everyone away on a weekly basis with her amazing ideas, earning her the enmity of the store owner’s girlfriend and a coworker (for a while)

THE TUDORS - Season 4The Tudors
Henry makes and breaks treaties all over Europe, beds a lot of women, marries several, and makes life hell for a lot of people.


Upstairs Downstairs
The Bellamys are gone from Eton Place, but the craziness continues, under the guidance of housekeeper Rose

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