Ripper Street: A Last Good Act

We’ve come to the penultimate episode of the show, which means things are getting crazy, fast, and the body count’s rising.

Reid is now in the cells at Leman Street, with Thatcher begging to be told what to do. But Reid, bruised from his beating by Shine, battered by what he thinks is Matilda’s betrayal, just lies down, defeated.

Jackson and Susan are preparing to flee when Mimi shows up at the theatre with news of Shine’s death and Reid’s arrest. Jackson tries to be all cavalier and ‘he knew the risks’ about it, but Susan remembers she made a promise to talk to Matilda and tell her the truth of why Reid killed Horace Buckley. I thought it had seemed like Matilda was more disturbed by the murder of Theodore Swift, but no, apparently it’s the Buckley death that’s a bigger deal to her.

Mimi (of course) is sent to fetch Matilda to the theatre, where Susan sits her down and tells her that she lied, all those years ago, and told Reid that Buckley had molested and mistreated his daughter. In a grief-stricken rage, Reid then killed the man. So, really, this was all Susan’s fault, and Matilda should blame her.

Jackson, listening to all this, suddenly comes to the conclusion that he really can’t abandon Reid (as if he ever could!). He has a plan. Of course he does.

Drum’s got his hands full these days. Dove puts him in charge of the investigation into the murders at his home and the kidnap of Conner. Looking at the dead psycho governess, Dove comments that she was a sort of mother to him, which suddenly explains A LOT about how he ended up. Drum’s also trying to get Reid talking, which isn’t happening, so Dove has a crack at him. But Reid still refuses to betray his friends.

Drummond sits Reid down in his office so he can read out the charges against him. Reid keeps trying to send Matilda a message through Drum, saying he understands why she did what she did, because he thinks she’s actually the one who lit the candle in the window. Drum keeps talking over him and refusing to make eye contact, and that, along with Thatcher’s admission that Mathilda’s thrown Drum out of the house, leads Reid to realise that it was actually Drum who did it. And Drum seems to feel pretty terrible about it.

Back in the cells, Reid starts to get his mojo back and tells Thatcher where he can find little Robin Sumner’s body. Thatcher heads off to find it, just as Jackson gets himself arrested so he can be thrown in the cells alongside Reid. As soon as they’re down there, Mathilda comes, ready to sneak the men weapons, but Reid refuses, because he’s so convinced that Thatcher will find this body and all will be revealed. I’m not sure how he thinks just locating the body is going to implicate Dove. I mean, it’s just Reid’s word that Dove killed the boy, right? And who’s going to believe him right now?

At any rate, while having dinner with his brother, Nathaniel brings up Robin, asking if his brother really killed the boy. Dove denies it but asks how he knows the boy’s dead. When he hears where he washed up, he sets off to find him. And find him he does, along with Thatcher, who’s just dug him up. Dove being Dove, he shoots Thatcher and sets him (still alive!) in the river and lets him wash away. Aww, and I was just starting to like Thatcher!

Unbeknownst to Dove, Nathaniel makes his way to the spot, sees all, and collects the boy’s body, delivering it to Mimi’s theatre and Susan. How’d he know to go to the theatre? Because the map that Susan drew of the house was written on the back of a flyer with the theatre’s name all over it. And she left it at Dove’s house. Jesus, Susan! You guys are terrible at this whole escaping thing! How’d you manage not to get caught this far?

Nate and Susan have a heart-to-heart, and he tells her he can’t let his brother get away with this, because killing children is simply wrong. She gently points out that killing ANYONE is wrong, and murderers really need to answer for their crimes. As she says it, she clearly realises this applies to her as well.

Dove gives a press conference, announcing the death of Shine and the arrest of Reid. Castello, seated in the back, springs to her feet and asks if the police will really hang one of their own. Oh, they will.

But! She’s called in reinforcements! Hi, Abberline! Welcome back, I’ve missed you! It’s so nice seeing these old characters and old plotlines float back to the surface and weave their way through these last few episodes. It fits so well with the show, with the notion of being haunted, and things never quite going away in Whitechapel. So fitting, in a story that started off with the spectre of Jack the Ripper looming so large over everyone and everything.

Abberline, Susan, and Nathaniel (carrying Robin) converge on Leman Street. Right in front of the station, Susan announces who she is, and Nathaniel confesses to his crimes. Dove immediately pretends not to know who the hell he is, because of course. In all the chaos, Mathilda, still inside, takes matters into her own hands, grabs the keys, and releases Reid and Jackson from their cells.

Everyone heads inside, where Abberline punches Dove in the face, mostly for annoying him, knocking him out cold. Reid and Jackson, armed, tell Drummond that the whole world will believe he was overwhelmed by them and he just nods, because he’s been here before and knows the drill. The other policemen lock the station doors from the inside, Robin’s body is brought forward, and the real work begins.

Only one episode to go! Does Dove hang? Susan? Reid? Jackson? And what’s with that rash on Mimi’s neck?

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