Penny Dreadful: Good and Evil Braided Be

penny_dreadful_3-3Previously on Penny Dreadful: Lily and Dorian adopted a young woman so they could start building an army to get revenge on horrible men. Victor began working with Jekyll to find a cure for Lily, Ethan was freed by his inner werewolf and Hecate, and Vanessa started seeing a psychiatrist and dating Dracula (though she doesn’t know about that last bit).

Ethan dreams of seeing Kaetenay again, and this time the man’s face is covered in blood. Ethan wakes in a barn with Hecate sitting nearby, watching him. She offers him water, face glowing like a true fangirl, and he takes it, hesitantly. He realises he has to get away, because the authorities will be after him soon for the latest massacre. Hecate insists on going with him, and when he tries to shake her, she points out that she not only followed him across an ocean and a continent, she also kind of just saved his ass, so he doesn’t get to order her to get lost.

Renfield, now twitchier than ever, snacks on a fly and writes Vanessa’s name over and over in a ledger while inside Seward’s office Vanessa rants a bit about how Seward must be Joan Clayton, because she’s just like her. Seward’s like, ‘yeah, I don’t think so. Maybe calm down a bit?’ Vanessa asks if she believes what she says and Seward tells her she believes that Vanessa has basically turned all her neuroses into supernatural beings. Vanessa sits down and asks for a cigarette. When Seward goes to hand it to her, Vanessa grabs her arm and starts talking a little strangely about blood and tramcars outside, but then concludes that Seward once killed a man in self-defence. Vanessa presents this as proof of her supernaturality.

Cal flashes back to building a model ship with that little boy and then looking out his window onto Chinatown. They really want to get use out of that set, don’t they? He comes back into the present on a stagecoach approaching London. A friendly passenger chats with him.

At Bedlam, Victor talks to the man Jekyll injected in the last episode. The man’s perfectly calm now and has no memory of being crazy and violent. Then he begins jerking and screaming and becomes crazy again. Guards come in and remove him. Once they’re alone, Jekyll admits he hasn’t had any luck getting the calm state to last more than a few hours. Victor thinks he might be able to help with that.

Lily takes tea at an outdoor café with her new protégé, Justine. They note some men ogling them and Lily rolls her eyes that men are pathetic and all complete slaves to their desire. Well, except Ethan and Dorian. They’re exceptional, as we know.

They see a small clutch of suffragettes come into the square, waving placards. They’re set upon by the police. Justine seems uncomfortable with this and notes that the suffragettes think the same way Lily does. Lily says that’s not true: their enemy is the same, but while the suffragettes seek equality, she wants mastery. She tells Justine they must go about carefully assembling an army and taking power. Justine looks like she can’t wait.

Malcolm and Kaetenay take a train across New Mexico. Malcolm asks Kaetenay why he needed Malcolm to be there and Kaetenay says that he needs someone Ethan trusts. He then mentions having seen Hecate, describing her as a woman branded and scarred, speaking in tongues. Malcolm looks uncomfortable and says she’s a witch. Kaetenay says they need to find Ethan quickly, killing anyone in their way, because if they don’t, a terrible end awaits them. Darkness will fall upon the land, and only Ethan, our new chosen one, can save them.

Now it’s time for a lovely dose of racism. Some jerks come along and demand Kaetenay leave the car, because it’s for whites only. Malcolm tells them to get lost, and when they give him some attitude, he scares the shit out of them by basically threatening to kill them. They leave. I’m not really sure what purpose that served.

Ethan and Hecate case a rancher’s house and plan to steal some horses to cross the desert. Ethan takes the opportunity to tell Hecate how much he hates both this desert and her. She doesn’t seem too bothered.

They go to get their horses and are met by the rancher and his gun. Hecate approaches, playing the sweet young English girl, then kills both the rancher and his wife with a knife. Ethan seems horrified but she reminds him his hands aren’t exactly free of blood, so don’t judge.

Rusk and the Marshal take in the scene of Ethan’s latest bloodbath and find the guy with the broken neck, which really stands out amongst all the slashed-up bodies. They conclude Ethan had help. The Marshal knows there’s more going on here, but Rusk isn’t talking. Not yet. All he’ll say is that he thinks there’s more to Ethan than meets the eye, and maybe the Marshal should start believing in the occult.

Chinatown! What a surprise! Cal sees Vanessa on the street and smiles, but doesn’t approach her. She’s meeting up with Sweet, who apologises for being late, owing to a situation with an Arctic Bear. His days at work are much more interesting than mine. The two of them set off, arm in arm, and Cal smiles fondly, watching them go. He then spots the building from his memories and goes in to ask who lives on the first floor. It’s vacant, and the man who owns the place has no idea who lived there before, because it’s been empty for as long as he’s been there. Cal asks to see the room and is shown upstairs. The owner offers it for rent. Memories start flooding back and Cal asks if there’s anyone around who might know where the previous tenants went. The owner gets impatient, so Cal pushes him against the wall and gets scary, saying he really, really wants to know who lived there.

Vanessa and Sweet stroll through the streets and Sweet tells her he had a wife who died just a year ago. Is that…Mina he’s talking about? He tells Vanessa he’s just finding his feet again. She understands and offers her condolences. She says she’s been going through a tough time lately and is only starting to re-emerge into the world as well. They’re trailed by that creepy vampire guy, who really needs a name.

At the end of the workday, men flood out of the shipyard, walking past Cal. He watches them go, and focuses on a building nearby. He goes inside, climbs the stairs and stops at one room but doesn’t knock at the door or anything. This place is a shack, and there’s a hole in the ceiling. He climbs up to the attic space and can now look down into the room. He sees the model ship on the windowsill and gasps. A woman enters the room and a boy calls out to her. She goes to him and asks how he’s doing. He’s leaking blood from the mouth, so not well, clearly, but this kid’s a sweet one and says he’s just fine, had a bit of a cough earlier, but he’s better now and got his homework done. He tells her all about what he read (I think it’s Kidnapped) as she tends to him. Above, Call begins to weep.

Vanessa and Sweet have found themselves at some sort of funfair. They head into the Hall of Mirrors and goof off a little while and it’s so cute I actually keep forgetting this man is Satan’s brother. At one point, Vanessa briefly catches a glimpse of Creepy Vampire Guy and gets anxious. When he disappears, she tries to find him, and then winds up in a strangely isolated part of the Hall of Mirrors, unable to escape. And that’s where he comes upon her, so he can act all super creepy, like he does. She demands to know where his master is and he tells her she’ll meet him again soon enough, adding that she and his master are old friends, bosom companions, even. He asks if she remembers being in the white room, just her and him and that other.

He hears something, then drops to the floor and scuttles away like a cockroach.

Malcolm and Kaetenay have found the dead rancher and his wife. Malcolm says this is really unlike Ethan. Kaetenay thinks this is a sign that Ethan’s changing and says they really need to get a move on, to find him and either save or kill him.

Ethan tells Hecate they’re heading for his dad’s place. She tells him she’s really excited to meet his dad, like she’s his girlfriend or something. Ethan snaps at her and asks why she’s there. She says she wants to liberate the beast he is and rule the darkness at his side. And kill lots of people, because that’s what she does.

Rusk and the Marshal and their men have found them and start firing at Hecate and Ethan from a nearby hill. Ethan and Hecate flee and the Marshal reports to Rusk that Ethan’s travelling with a woman. Rusk says he’d prefer to take Ethan alive, if they can. Marshal gathers his men and gets after the fugitives. Rusk just watches them galloping away.

Vanessa and Sweet get some tea, and he notes that she seems really upset. He urges her to tell him what happened, but all she does is break up with him, apologising and saying she’s really enjoyed their time together, but it’s not going to work out. She departs and he shatters a teacup in his hand in a rage.

Cal grabs a man off the street and robs him.

Dorian and Lily have a gift for Justine: the first man who ever bought her, back when she was all of 12. She tells us that the man used her as his pet whore for a time, and then when she got older he got tired of her and whored her out horribly, and then charged Dorian and Lily £20 to see Justine tortured and killed. That’s £20 total, not each, so that gives you an idea what this man thought this child’s life was worth. Dorian talks a bit about how soldiers throughout history have been made to prove their loyalty by killing an enemy. Clearly, this is a test for her, and man, is she ever eager to pass it. I don’t blame her, go ahead and kill this disgusting animal. Dorian hands her a knife and he and Lily warn her that, if she goes through with this, she’ll never be innocent again, that God will turn his back and mankind will shun her. I think there’s a good argument that this poor girl hasn’t been innocent for a very long time. Justine grabs the knife and slits the man’s throat, then really goes to town, stabbing him over and over again in a rage, spraying herself with blood. Dorian looks slightly surprised, like even he didn’t quite anticipate this, but it seems fair to me. He approaches her and he and Justine begin wildly making out. Lily seems pleased.

Later, Lily, Justine, and Dorian coat themselves in the man’s blood and have a threesome. Yes, really. This is probably the creepiest sex scene this show’s had yet, and that’s really saying something. I mean, remember when Vanessa had sex with a demon that looked like Malcolm?

Dracula shows up at the Blood Bank to punish Creepy Vampire Guy for having approached Vanessa. He tells CVG that Vanessa belongs to Dracula only, as he slashes him and sends him flying across the room.  The other vampires cower. Dracula tells them that, when the time is right and Vanessa is helpless and begging for him, then and only then will they all have her. Let’s not go jumping the gun here, kids! He then invites them to cannibalize Creepy Vampire Guy. Guess he doesn’t need a name after all.

At Cal’s house of sad memories, his…wife, I guess?—wakes in the morning, checks on the kid, and find a pocketwatch and some money on the table. Cal watches from above as she makes the discovery. She smiles and nearly cries.

Still naked and covered in blood, Dorian and Lily tell Justine that she’s the first soldier in their avenging army. It’ll be her job to go out and help recruit whores, fallen women, the disgraced and powerless, the invisible women who barely exist in this city. They’re ready to start launching their revolution. ‘Liberty is a bitch that must be bedded on a mattress of corpses,’ Lily tells her. That’ll look great on their t-shirts.

Vanessa goes to see Seward and demands to be hypnotised. Seward’s reluctant, because it can result in serious trauma. Vanessa points out that she can’t really get much more traumatised at this point, so they may as well give it a go. She has a point. She’s sure that the late CVD was talking about Vanessa’s time at the madhouse, which I’d totally forgotten about. Vanessa demands the hypnotism, so Seward goes ahead with it.

Once she’s under, Seward has her describe her room at the clinic. Vanessa does so. Seward asks if anyone ever comes in. Vanessa replies that only the orderly with food ever comes. We join Vanessa in that room, as the orderly comes in. The camera pans up…and the orderly is Cal! Woah, I did not see that one coming!

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