Mr Selfridge: Professionalism

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 16.08.34Previously on Mr Selfridge: Henri had a total breakdown, freaking out Agnes; some drunken, frustrated vets nearly raped Kitty; Harry paid way too much for a field; and Violette started coming on to Victor.

Harry and Nancy take Kitty to the hospital, where she’s taken upstairs by some doctors. Frank is summoned and absolutely hauls ass up to the emergency department, clearly freaked out of his mind. Harry tells him that Kitty’s got a cut on her face and is pretty traumatized, but otherwise all right. Frank is allowed into Kitty’s room, where he immediately wraps his arms around her and tenderly comforts her. Awww. You know, if you’d told me way back in season one that I’d be totally rooting for a Kitty/Edwards pairing I would have thought you were crazy, but I actually really like these two together.

And now on to a character I don’t like. Violette is dancing with Victor at the club, which seems a bit unprofessional of him. His partner asks George who she is and, when she learns the girl’s a Selfridge, sighs that it’s hard to compete with that.

From there, we shoot over to the hospital, where Kitty’s getting her cheek stitched up. She looks absolutely horrible, as you might expect. She tells Frank she wants these men found and punished. He tells her they can talk to the police in the morning, but in the meantime she needs rest.

Harry and Nancy leave the hospital and decide to get something to eat. Nothing like saving a damsel in distress to work up an appetite. Nancy knows a place around the corner.

Violette bitchily orders another glass of champagne and flops down at a table with Victor, who tells her she’s so pretty he’d like to kiss her. Oh my God, Victor, this is your business. Attempt to act a little professionally, won’t you? Violette—get this—actually closes her eyes and puckers up. What is she, fourteen years old? Victor, for some treason, doesn’t laugh in her face, just thanks her for the dance and takes off to do…whatever.

Nancy takes harry to a smoky pub and recommends the mutton stew. He notes some regulars kind of making fun of him for being so obviously wealthy but tries to ignore them as he compliments Nancy for being so good with Kitty. She explains that she nursed during the war. He keeps pouring on the praise and asks how she got to be so competent. That’s an unusual compliment. She was orphaned young and had to fend for herself, is the answer. He gets personal, asking about marriage and she says the right guy just hasn’t come along, and she’d rather be single than compromise. He admits he’s no good at being single.

Sergei sits down with Loxsley at the club and Loxsley bluntly informs the boy he’s not investing in this plane after all. Sergei realizes he’s been played, but he insists his plane will still be built. Well, that was fun.

Victor goes to his office, where he finds Violette waiting for him. Of course. She creepily comments that his desk is a lot like her dad’s. What guy wouldn’t find that a turn on? He suggests she leave, but she plants her feet. Oh, Victor, don’t do it. This girl is heaps of trouble. She’s a spoiled little rich girl who isn’t getting what she wants, so she’s getting back at daddy by slumming. He tells her he’s not boyfriend material. She says she’s not in the market for love, just a bit of excitement. He pulls her to her feet and they start to make out.

Sergei returns home, where Rosalie’s waiting up. She asks where he’s been and then notes that he’s been drinking. He gives her a bunch of attitude and complains about having to live with her dad and dance to his tune. She tries to talk him down, but he pushes her away and goes up to bed. This poor woman. She asks if he regrets marrying her and he says he doesn’t know.

Violette and Victor are getting hot and heavy when the door opens and George comes in. Violette says she’ll be back tomorrow as she leaves. George warns Victor that there’ll be consequences if he plays around with her.

Nancy and Harry walk through the streets after dinner. He offers to call her a cab but she says she’d rather walk. She says she had a lovely time with him and bids him goodnight.

Mardle comes downstairs in the middle of the night and finds Agnes waiting up for Henri, who still hasn’t returned home. Agnes tearfully wonders where he is.

He and his two-day stubble are standing by the river, staring down at the filthy water.

A police detective comes to the Edwards home to interview Kitty. She gives an account of what happened, breaking down in tears, while Frank sits beside her, holding her hand for support. When she starts to describe the men who attacked her, however, Frank gets an ‘oh, shit’ look on his face and lets go of her hand. Frank, don’t be a dick. She tells the inspector that the men had been drinking. He figures they got their liquor somewhere local, probably illegally. Frank’s ‘oh shit’ look dials up a couple of notches.

Harry comes out of his house in the morning to find Henri outside, waiting for him. Harry embraces him. Henri apologises about making a scene at the store. Harry dismisses it and takes him to the park to talk. Henri tells him how he and his men ran out of food and water during the war and only eight of them came out alive. Harry says how sorry he is. Henri says he can’t be in the store anymore, because he can’t trust himself. He tells Harry that Agnes is frightened of him now. Harry firmly tells him to make her understand what he’s going through. Henri insists that he’s a coward, which disgusts him. He can’t admit that to Agnes. He’s got serious survivor’s guilt.

Frank makes Kitty a cup of tea after the police leave. She says she’s glad he was there for support. He asks if she’s sure the men who went after her were the cigarette sellers. She is. He warns her to be careful, because the press has been on about servicemen getting a rough deal. She’s definitely not prepared to let this drop, and nor should she. He agrees, but says this could become unpleasant. She wants them to pay for having hurt her.

The police round up the vets outside Selfridge’s and put them in a police wagon. Harry sees all this happening as he arrives, as do Mardle and Agnes. Mardle hustles Agnes inside as Harry asks the inspector what’s happening. The inspector, Johnson, explains himself. Harry lets him go on with it.

The ladies inside discuss the attack on Kitty. Mardle sends them back to their posts.

Violette’s bitching about Harry’s new rule that she can’t go out alone. She whines that he wants to keep her locked up so she never meets anyone, and she may as well go live in a nunnery. ‘I doubt they’d have you,’ Marie snidely remarks as she arrives at the breakfast table. Heh. Violette complains about Marie always being there and Lois asks when she’s going back to her own flat. Marie lies about repairs taking longer than expected, then leaves to go talk to Sergei.

Crabb, Harry, Grove, Agnes, and Mardle talk about the attack in Harry’s office and start discussing security in the store. Why are Agnes and Mardle in on this meeting? Neither of them were present for the attack, so it’s not like they have anything to really add here. Why would the head of fashion and the window dresser be talking about security? Oh, it’s so Mardle can casually bring up the guy who accosted Doris, which is apparently news to Grove. Mardle suggests they get some plainclothes security guards in. Harry loves the idea. Harry dismisses them but asks Agnes to stay. He tells her that Henri came to see him and she’s relieved he’s ok. She asks why he’s been avoiding her and Harry says he feels ashamed for losing control. Also, he’s guilt ridden. She says Henri won’t talk to her and Harry unhelpfully tells her to make him talk. She weeps that Henri’s so different from how he was. Harry says he’s the same old Henri underneath it all, and he needs her now more than ever.

Johnson has found his way to Victor’s place because he has a witness that says two men were seen leaving the club at 6, totally wasted. Is this the same witness in the absurd case of Mr Greene over at Downton Abbey? Victor knows nothing about any of this and says the witness got it wrong. Johnson threatens to shut the place down if he finds out Victor’s lying. He calls his partner, Purkiss, the same dick who’s shaking Victor down these days, and they leave. Once they’re gone, Elsa tells Victor that Edwards came by the day before with two ex-servicemen and they were drinking. Curiously, he does not completely blow up at her for allowing them in to do that, even though doing so could cost him his license. Seriously, Victor is a terrible businessman.

Marie finds Sergei sulking over his airplane plans in his study. She asks what’s bugging Rosalie and tells Sergei to make it up to her. He tells her about Loxsley using him to get at Harry. She promises they’ll find him another investor. He hits her up for £80 to pay back some card playing debts. She advises he borrow it from Rosalie, but he won’t take money off his wife, despite the fact that he’s living off his wife’s father. She promises to get him the money.

Agnes finds Henri in the park and sits down with him for some real talk. He tells her she really mustn’t be around him, but she’s sticking around. She firmly tells him they need to talk about what happened in Verdun and asks why he thinks it was his fault. He replies that they were his men, so he should have miraculously done something to save them. She reminds him that there was nothing he could have done. He admits he sees them everywhere and thinks that nobody can help him. She begs him to allow her to try. He curls up into her embrace.

Grove gathers some security men and sends them out to mingle amongst the customers, telling them that neither staff nor customers are to know what they’re doing there. As they go, Crabb bets Grove a shilling that by lunchtime the whole operation will be bust.

Victor goes to see Kitty and asks Frank about the servicemen he brought into the club the day before. Oooooh. ‘What servicemen?’ she asks. Victor’s face: Ooops.

Crabb’s wife is shopping for a new hat, but she gets creeped out by some guy who seems to be checking her out. She flees to another department. She’s replaced by Gordon, who asks Grace how she’s doing. She admits she’s afraid to walk home that night, so he offers to take her out instead.

Frank finally comes clean with Kitty, who is as pissed off about it as you can imagine. Victor tries to smooth the waters by saying they can’t be sure the attackers were actually Charlie and Silas (for some reason, they’re known at the club). When Kitty describes them, however, it seems like it actually was them. Victor looks like he’s getting a migraine. Frank looks terribly ashamed. Kitty asks if they know where to find them and tells Edwards he needs to talk to Johnson.

As he sees Victor out, Frank suggests they just phone this in anonymously. Victor doesn’t think it’ll be taken seriously if they do. Frank tries to talk him out of going to the police, because he’s worried about them getting into heaps of trouble. Kitty overhears this and screams at Frank for thinking about himself instead of helping to protect her. She goes into the sitting room and slams the door in his face, bursting into tears.

Marie takes Rosalie out to tea and tells her about Loxsley pulling out of the investment. She says it’s been hard for him living under Harry’s roof, and he got all depressed about losing this investment and gambled stupidly.

A mother and daughter are shopping in fashion while one of these terrible detectives lurks nearby. Connie loses patience with him and asks him what the hell he’s doing lurking around ladieswear. She sends him packing and then explains to Mardle that he’s been hanging around the lingerie. Doris then shows up just to yell at Mardle for telling Grove about the man the day before. Yes, Doris, this should really keep anyone from suspecting something’s up with you. You should have let this just ride, but now you look super suspicious.

Agnes tells Harry that she and Henri talked and now he’s been sedated. But she doesn’t think Henri should come back to work. She, too, is handing in her notice, so she can tend to her husband and take him out of London. She thinks he needs to be somewhere quiet. What, somewhere he can really focus on his thoughts? Seems like a good plan. Harry remembers the first time they met, back when she was selling gloves. He embraces her.

Poor Mrs Crabb is being followed by the detective who was spying on her down in accessories. She runs into her husband and points the man out. Crabb takes her away to explain things.

On her way out, Agnes stops to say goodbye to Grace and tell her to keep up the good work. She takes one last look around before finally pushing through the door.

Crabb reports to Grove that he’s won the bet. Mardle is once again on a discussion that doesn’t really involve her, but she does make a good point when she says that having men wandering around women’s departments looks a bit fishy. Crabb suggests they get some of those loading bay women back in. Well, solved that problem. Crabb takes off and Mardle asks about the incident between Doris and the young man the day before. Grove explains that the guy mistook her for someone else. She clearly wants to say more, but keeps quiet.

Frank and Victor go to see Johnson and tell him where he can find Silas and Charlie. He tells Purkiss that he’ll have to go check the area out, and take Kitty with them to make an ID. He then scolds Edwards for not mentioning this earlier and Edwards poorly lies that he didn’t put two and two together. Johnson clearly knows that’s bullshit. Frank admits he’s not proud of himself and asks if he’ll be charged. Johnson wants to track the men down first.

Rosalie goes to the club and hands over some cash to pay Sergei’s debt. Loxsley sees her and makes fun of Sergei for sending his wife to pay his debt. ‘That’s what wives do, Lord Loxsley, if they love their husbands,’ she responds. Burn! Loxsley says her husband’s told him some interesting things about her family. She warns him to leave Sergei and her family alone.

Nancy shows Harry some architects but notices he’s preoccupied. He tells her about Agnes and Henri leaving, adding that Henri’s his best friend, so it’s not a great day. She sympathises over him losing them both. He takes her hand and says it’s great to have her to talk to, since he hasn’t had anyone since Rose died. She asks him to back off, because he can’t just grab the nearest person to fill this void. He tries to reassure her that’s not the case, but she grabs her papers and leaves.

Agnes and Henri lie in bed and she asks him if he has happy memories of his childhood. He does. She asks about the house where he grew up. It was big and close to the sea. She suggests they go there. He thinks she should tend to her work but she explains that she handed in her notice. He protests her giving up everything she’s built for him, but she says it’s all nothing without him. She wants to make him better, that’s the important thing. So, they’re off to France. Does that mean no more Agnes? Because I’d be ok with that. Henri wonders what’ll happen if he doesn’t get better and she reassures him he will. They have all the time in the world to make it happen. Yeah, but presumably not all the money in the world, right? You guys’ll have to live off of something while you’re over there.

Purkiss and Johnson take Kitty through an area where vets are sleeping rough. She looks absolutely horrified. She finally recognizes one of the men, and then Charlie tries to make a run for it. He’s caught by the police and Kitty makes a positive ID. Johnson reassures her it’s all right.

Kitty returns home, where Edwards is waiting anxiously. She tells him the men will be charged in the morning. She then talks about all the men she saw, wondering where their families and friends are. He tells her not to think about that and goes to take her to bed, but she shrinks away from him. He sincerely apologises for having screwed up so badly, explaining that he just panicked. She gets it, but she wants to be alone that night.

Gordon takes Grace to Victor’s, naturally. They dance up a storm. And then Violette shows up and makes a beeline for them. She asks who Grace is, and Gordon introduces her. Grace explains that she works in accessories. ‘Of course,’ Violette says in the most condescending, insincere tone imaginable. What. A. BITCH. She tells him to have fun and leaves to go find Victor. Grace sweetly says she had no idea Gordon’s sister was going to be there. Obviously he didn’t either.

Purkiss then shows up and takes Victor to his office to warn him that Johnson will have his eye on him now. Victor says it doesn’t matter, because he’s playing it straight from now on. Purkiss threatens to find a way to shut him down.

Harry, Mardle, and George see Agnes and Henri off at the station. Henri still hasn’t shaved. Geez, man, make an effort here. Harry reassures Henri that it’ll be all right, because they have each other. Hugs all around. Henri and Agnes get on the train and leave to the strains of swelling music. Watching them go, Harry seems to come to a decision.

He hops in his car and tells the chauffeur they need to make another stop.

He goes to Nancy’s house, where he barges in and tells her she should have more faith in herself and to stop treating every guy who makes a pass at her so crappily. He tells her he doesn’t want just any woman, he wants her, because he thinks she’s awesome. Plus, she has a cute frown. And a cute smile. Dimples and everything! He leans forward and kisses her. Harry, she is basically your employee! What’re you doing? What is with everyone this episode? She apparently doesn’t care about that, because they start to make out.

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