War and Peace


Pierre unexpectedly inherits a massive fortune and a title and is almost immediately targeted by a distant relative; Andrei decides his really nice life is boring, so he dumps his wife on his father and sister and heads off on a suicide mission with the army

A Bloody Business
Andrei feels badly about having unfairly treated his wife like dirt, so he returns home to try and make amends, only to almost immediately see her die in childbirth. Pierre and Helene get married and she wastes no time sending him off on a tour by himself so she can continue having fun like she always has

That Old Spark
Andrei meets Natasha and the sparks, how they do fly. Searching for meaning, Pierre joins the Freemasons

You Screwed Up, Honey
Andrei is sent abroad by his father to really consider this relationship with Natasha, and while he’s gone, Anatole moves in and sweeps the girl off her feet

It’s really time for the ‘war’ part of the story as the horrifying battle of Borodino gets underway and draws in most of the men with speaking roles

Peace at Last
Peace comes at a serious cost for most, but most also get their happy endings (not Sonya, though, because her life just sucks all around. Poor Sonya)